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Cell- With the abilities and skills of Goku, Frieza, King Cold, Vegeta, Piccolo, Android 17, and Android 18.


Amazo- With the abilities and skills of Superman, Batman, Vox, The Ray Captain Atom ,Red Tornado, and Hal Jordan

Morals Off- No Mercy

Neither can copy or absorb each others abilities.

Location- Back and forth from Gotham to Apokolips to Planet Vegeta to Zoon. Each character will try to use the environment to win the battle. Every five minutes the location will change from Gotham to Planet Vegeta to Apokolips to Zoom. In that order. Locals might cause problems. No major locals though (Ex. Batman will not interfere in Gotham but the Police force and small gangster groups might distract and attack)

1 year preparation for both Amazo and Cell.

Who would win?

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1 year prep for Amazo with Batman's Intelligence and Superman's ability to think/process things faster than a supercomputer...

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@ultimatepeyton: DBZ vs comic battles are banned. It says on the first page of the battle forums in case you overshot it.