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- Odin is wearing the destroyer armor and has odinsword

- this is average celestial

- battle is in Asgard, morals off, who wins and why?

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Didn't the celestials all ready kill odin?

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@jashro44 said:

Didn't the celestials all ready kill odin?

When he fought 8 or 9 of them at the same time, and among them was Arishem, this is average celestial I use

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All right. I hear a lot of stuff about the celestials but from the little bit of FF I read they were pretty unimpressive. All though 3 celstials were killing Franklin Richards and Franklin is pretty powerful (powerful enough to turn galactus into his hearled) so I guess the celestials are at least 1/3rd as powerful as franklin? Not sure if thats right and I am not to knowledgeable on either but I think the celestial wins. I don't see odin as 1/3 as powerful as franklin.

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he would likely match one celestial or two under his own power in the armor, with the sword.

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Here's Odin with the Odin Sword in the Destroyer Armor after it's been imbued with the power of all the Asgardians. His best feat is chopping off Nezar the Calculator's arm, which is impressive, but it's really to no effect as you can see in the scans. The Destroyer/Odin then attempts to blast another Celestial with a beam of ultimate disintegration, but it is "passively deflected by a casually upraised Celestial hand." Thor does his lightning attack, but it has the effect of "a mild spring rain". Then another Celestial picks up Oden like he's a little kid as Odin strikes him, and the strikes are said to "glance harmlessly off him". Then they just blow up the armor.







I don't think anyone here could argue that this version of Oden is much stronger than regular Oden without the destroyer armor or extra Asgardian power, and he's clearly not a match for any Celestial here even with this extra power. But , you were right that Odin does indeed fight multiple Celestials. And if those links don't work, I got them from this blog http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f98/t442432.html, they're halfway down the page on the Feb 22nd, 2007 04:55 AM post.

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@fondofpacman: 8 was to many to handle, but odin will have a much fair fight agiainst 2 celestials alone.........

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@LordMaverick: The fight will be more fair, but I disagree that he still has a chance. In the 4th scan, after getting hit by only one blast he's weakened and "forced to fight like a wounded beast." It seems like the attacks that actually hit the Celestials they didn't even bother dodging because they were no threat, and when they decided to actually attack him, they disabled and then killed him pretty fast. I don't see what a significantly weaker version of Odin in the Destroyer Armor could possibly do.

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@fondofpacman: I don't believe his power level is the problem, the power of the sword and durability of the armor should be able to stand up to 2 celestial for enough time for Odin to chop them up. I do believe however that celestials should be able to replace lost limbs with ease, although i don't know if it has been shown. If they can replace lost limbs, then Odin will most likely loose.

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@LordMaverick: So I'm guessing you didn't look at the fourth scan.

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Odin might be able to take them on.  
Of course it was already mentioned that he got ganged up on and overwhelmed with eight of them. 
Surprised the gods didn't mass produce those armor, one for every Pantheon. 

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@fondofpacman: i've seen most of them many times, u don't remember everything, once i looked at 1 and 2 links i obviously knew which battle you were talking about. Just next time he should decapitate the celestial, see if that works......

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@LordMaverick: Yeah, decapitating them is his best chance, because even impaling them with the odin sword did nothing to Arishem, and it was said that Arishem let the sword fly through him to make it easier to analyze it, so I suspect that if they ever calculated that one of Odin's attacks would actually F* them up bad enough, i think they would do more than just stand there observing him and at least attempt to dodge it.

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Odin. If he was able to give good shots to one Celestial and was able to reflect blasts from two of them, than he is able to fight with one at time. 
To say this in other way - I don't see a reason to belive that with this armor and sword, one single Celestial could take him out. They don't have feats to prove it.