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Wolverine and Snake Eyes


Brother Raclaw and Solid Snake

Its a Ninja vs Soldier Death Battle!

  • Gear will be listed.
  • In character.
  • Battle to the death or KO.
  • Battle here. Esquire Red Star, Im Blue Star.

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This is going to be epic.

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Looks awesome.

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@cadencev2: Looks great. Gear is as follows:

Wolverine (w/ Healing Factor): Adamantium Claws and Skeleton

Snake Eyes: Twin Katanas, Submachine Gun, Combat Knife, Shuriken, Frag, Flash, and Smoke Grenades

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@esquire I don't know you man, but i do like both the characters you chose. Good luck mate.

@cadencev2 You're improving in your artwork taste :P! Good luck bro.

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Snake is packing Custom AR, Solid Eye, Frag Grenades, Flash Bangs Clamores, C4, Socom with Silencer, Stun Knife.

Raclaw has Chain Sword, Bolter, Frag Grenades, and Power Armour.

@ghostravage: art work smark work.

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Raclaw looks scary as f*ck dude. I wouldn't fight him.

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Raclaw looks scary as f*ck dude. I wouldn't fight him.

You're scared of everybody :)

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@monsterstomp said:

Raclaw looks scary as f*ck dude. I wouldn't fight him.

You're scared of everybody :)

Not scared of you :D

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@wolverine08 said:

@monsterstomp said:

Raclaw looks scary as f*ck dude. I wouldn't fight him.

You're scared of everybody :)

Not scared of you :D

You sure bub? You really sure you ain't scared of my badassery? I think not :)

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@wolverine08: I'm sure. I'll send a Muramasa laced bullet your way, "Bub".

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@ghostravage: Bub, bub, bub, bub, bub, bub, bub, bub, BUB!


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@esquire: Alright, I will start with some basics in stats and such.

Brother Raclaw / Brother Gerhart / Brother Tankred

Brother Raclaw is a Space Marine of the very large, popular, and close combat oriented Black Templar Chapter. He started out as a mere human, who proven to be the best of the best of his barbarian world. Chosen by the Black Templars to become a Space Marine, he underwent the surgery of implants to become one of the very super human Adeptus Astartes, for the Imperium. He did not quickly rose through the ranks, however proven time and again as a less equipped Neophyte to be the best with his impressive tactical acumen, and more impressive skills in combat.

He finally became a full fledged Space Marine, taking the name of Gerhart for himself, after defeating a Eldar Wraith Lord in combat. He soon became the head Marine of the Sword Brethren of his company.

Once there he led campaigns against Orks, Chaos, and Necron forces. He was succesful for many centuries until his fated battle against a army of the psychic Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines.

After suffering sever injury in a battle with Chaos, he fought onto life to become Brother Tankred, a Dreadnought. He then continued to impart wisdom to other Captains, while defeating forces of Tau, and even beaten a Daemon Prince in combat. Since Dreadnoughts are too OP, I will not use Raclaw entombed in a Dread.

So what is a Space Marine?

There ya go. It is not uncommon for a squad of 4-5 Space Marines to fight off a entire army of enemies at once and win.

They are implanted with 18 Organs that genetically modify them with super human abilities.

Mucranoid - Protects against the Vacuum of Space and Extreme Temperatures.

Larraman's Organ - Instant Scarring to prevent any blood loss and also helps heal major wounds easy.

Omophagea - Allows access to recent memories through eating of the flesh.

Occulobe - Super Enhance Eyesight.

Secondary Heart - Allows more Stamina and act as a back up.

Biscopea - Allows Strength of up to 2 tons.

Ollitic Kidney - Filters Poisons and Gasses that might harm a Space Marine.

Preomnor - Allows to digest straight Poisons.

Interface - Allows the link up with Power Armour.

Haemastamen - Efficient Blood that allows more Stamina.

Multi Lung - A third lung that allows a Marine to Breath Poisons and even Water.

Lyman's Ear - Allows Sharper Hearing, Filtering of Sounds, and near immunity to Disorientation

Sus-en Membrane - Allow the Marine to enter Hibernation for Centuries.

Betcher's Gland - Acidic and Poisonous Spit.

Ossmodula - Steel like bones that can heal fast and Fused Ribcage.

Neuroglottis - Grants Smell like a tracking dog, and taste the toxicity and nutritious content of something.

Catalepsean Node - Marines can stay awake for days with no hindrance.

The space Marine is also armed with the traditional weapons of Chain Sword and Bolter.

Finally for defense the Space Marine is armed with with some of the best Armour the Imprium has, Power Armour.

Power Armour literally is equivalent to Modern Tank armor in durability. Made of Cerimic used on the hulls of Battleships, while outfitted with injection system for drugs, and muscle fiber bundles to allow a 20% strength increase to a Space Marines already multi ton strength.

This is Brother Raclaw / Gerhart.

Now onto Solid Snake. I have been harping and promoting Solid Snake and the Metal Gear series for awhile now. So this will be pretty quick.

Solid Snake official Bios and statements from Kojima and Konami.

Solid snake is simply put a super bada$$ super soldier with super human stats. He is the genetic clone of Big Boss and has all the training and skill the US Government could afford. He is the single greatest Black ops operative in the world. Solid snake has taken down over 40 types of Super Humans with special abilities or powers, as well taken down Nuclear tech Mech Machines called Metal Gears. He is famous for mastering not only martial arts, but being the master of CQC.

CQC is the greatest, and most effective form of Hand to Hand combat ever developed in the world. It pulls together the most effective moves from various martial arts, as well incorporating military weapons in its use. Solid Snake and Snake Eyes are in everyway a equal match for each other in feats and skill. Add to this is his gear I have listed. I will not get into things like Flash Bangs, Claymores, Custom AR, Socom, or C4, these are standard military gear. I will cover his unique gear he does have.

The Soliton Radar has over 100 feet radius and 360 degree coverage. It allows Snake a critical edge in detecting threats he cannot see, and adds even more options to his famous legendary stealth skills.

Snake also has Nanites in him, these allow him to integrate with certain tech, regulate pain killers, and provides snake with endless Stamina. It also gives him a varying frequency Codec to communicate with anyone with radio capability.

The Solid Eye is a malfunctioning device that provides various Vision Modes including, binocular, thermal vision, and night vision.

The Stun Knife is a powerful Knife/Tazer combo device that Snake uses with CQC in combat.

Now that is all out of the way. My initial argument is Snake will immediately start playing the role he loves of planting C4 and Clamores all in the area I am starting at. Key area and choke points that will likely be taken by Wolverine or Snake Eyes.


Since Solid Snake has the Soliton Radar and Solid Eye, and Raclaw who has Superhuman Senses, I do not see Snake Eyes or Wolverine stealthing my team at all. Added to this Is I have two characters who are known and praised for their tactical acumen. They will see the best places for possible ambush or paths of attack.


Even more I have Range advantage.


Snake and Raclaw can easily stay in contact with each other via Snake's Codec and Raclaw's built in Vox system. Wolverine and Snake Eyes have zero communication due to Snake Eye's lack of talking and Wolverine having no communication device. Meaning if your team separates, or get into a fight, they cannot work together as efficiently as my team.

My team is more than prepared to win this fight by holding the position and forcing the Close Combat oriented team of yours into my kill zones.

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@cadencev2: Whoops, misplaced this one. I'll try to have a response up by tonight.

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Ring! Ring! This is a Wake-Up Call for @Esquire.

Delete Later

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Forgot about this.

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