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Roland Deschain

Standard Equipment/Gear

Morals On

In character

Start 50 feet apart

Battle here.

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@CadenceV2: Would you like to make the first move?
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Is this comic Roland or novel?

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@BringnIt: Its both. Stephen King and the Team behind the Graphic Novels have stated this is the same as the Book Roland with more added depth.

@Strafe Prower: You go first.

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@CadenceV2: I would, but I have no idea who this guy is....lol

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@Strafe Prower: Then I will lay it down about Roland.

Roland is the Hero in Stephen Kings Novels the Dark Tower. He is the last living Gunslinger in a world filled with Killers, Sorcerers, Cyborgs, Psychics, Vampires, Mutants, and Demons.

His soul mission since the fall of his Kingdom as a child is to reach the Dark Tower, the Center of the Stephen King Multiverse, and set things right as God.

He carries with him 2 Guns forge from the Dark Tower. He usually travels with a Ka-tet (or group picked by fate) at 1 time or another but has spent most of his travels alone.

His Abilities (Pre Drawing of Three where he lost 2 fingers) and Gear inlcude....

  • 2 Dark Tower Forge Guns of the .45 Caliber
  • A Billy Bumbler Companion at one time or another
  • Preternatural Sight and Accuracy
  • Inhuman Hand Speed with his Guns and Ammo
  • Hypnotizing
  • Magical Knowledge
  • Dynomite (or other Explosive Devices)
  • Master Tracker
  • Ka, the will of the Dark Tower that sort of plays like Luck.

All in all Roland is a Street Leveler Hero who Aims with his Eye, Shoot with his Mind, and Kills with his Heart.

He comes from the Blood Line of Eld (King Arthur) and his family and Kingdom are the baddest warriors in Mid World (Set hundreds of years after the End of our World).

His Training since Birth has been learning how to shoot and deal with the threats of the Old World. Even as a Child Roland was exceptional.

He always reacted and move faster than any other Child in training. His firend Cuthbert in the Scan Below will show just how Fast and Accurate these 14 year Kids are.

Yet Roland was confrimed by both the Teacher and Cuthbert to be much faster than Cuthbert. Thats at the Age of 14!

At the Age of 14 Roland had to beat Cort (the Teacher and respected Gunslinger) in H2H to become a Man. He was the youngest Gunslinger in history at 14 beating his dads record who was 16. This is a full grown man who is very well feared for his skill. Roland beat him with the Help of his choice of weapon, his Hawk David.

Then at the Age of 14 when Traitors and Conspiracy had kill his family and the Adult Gunslingers in a war with the Good Man. Roland at 14 became the Ruler and the Kingdom. He was Force to protect his Kingdom to a Unstoppable force.

He with a Handful of other Kids made Life hell for the Good Mans forces.Then when Gilead fell Roland lead a 9 year Campaign of attacking the Good Mans forces He build up a army with what was left. Unfortunately Ka had other plans. At the Peak of his campaign traitors were once again responsible for betraying the hide out of his army at Jericho Hill.

Even then the basic Gunslinger skill laid low 100 enemies to there one. Numbers won out and all the Gunslingers were Killed. Except...

Roland rose like a Phoenix with a new Mission.

So without further adoo. Roland has fought many Bow users. The Guy has Avoid Bullets many a time. So he would keep moving with his Billy Bumbler at his side.

This is a Billy Bumbler BTW. They are very Intelligent and even understand how to speak to a degree.

While Morals are one Roland having arrows flung at him will treat Hawkeye as any other guys trying to kill him (even tho HE is not trying to lol) and fire back with kill shots. Roland shoots with every shot intended to kill. He was raise and train to make every shot count. His Preternatural Aim has killed entire mobs of enemies.

So I will show scans of this later.

Really simple plan right now. Your Turn.

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@CadenceV2: I'll respond to this ASAP. It is obvious Clint has an uphill battle.

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@CadenceV2: Sorry about the wait. I was trying to think of the best way to go about this one.

As for the debate, Roland is quite impressive. If this was any other archer, he would most likely kill them in one shot. Fortunately, this is Clint :)

When It comes to accuracy, Clint is simply unmatched. He can literally take any object and throw it with perfect accuracy. That's not to mention the ridiculous feats he has with a bow. He has taken out a small army of archers by himself. That's not to mention his ability to curve arrows and his incredibly useful trick arrows.

When it comes to fighting opponents with guns, Clint is used to it. He has dodged automatic machine gun fire from point blank, put arrows down the barrel of a gun, and has predicted where a bullet would land without being the shooter.

He also has superior reaction timing to any normal human, showing this constantly.

When it comes to Hand to Hand fighting, Clint is also very skilled. He has taken on an army of Hand ninja unscathed, taken out multiple enemies in a small area, taken out Batroc, and has his trick arrows to help.

All in all, I don't see Roland being able to kill Clint with so much cover. I could see Clint surprising the gunslinger and taking him down.

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@Strafe Prower: Clint maybe the most accurate with oddball Objects and Arrows. Roland is unmatch in the use of his Guns.

Roland use of these Guns (Made with the very fabric of the Stephen King Multiverse I.E. The Dark Tower) are as accurate as accurate can possibly be and Roland aim is dead accurate.

Also Roland famous battle of Tull. Roland faces a whole Mob at once of 58 people.

He kills everyone with a single shot.

As seen during the battle the Gunslinger dodges a ton of crap with ease for the most part and reloads with super speed.

Another good showing is Roland reacting and killing 5 Sucker Bats at once.

Roland kills 5 Sucker Bats near Simultaneously. Do you know how fast Bats move?

Loading Video...

These bats moves too fast for the camera to follow.

Or when he was dehydrated still and weak from weeks of traveling thru the desert kills a pack of Mutant dogs easy.

Eight Desert Dogs charging from all directions and at close distance. Roland gets them all.

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Hawkeye, probably with ease. I've been reading up on The Dark Tower and Roland is overrated on this site, he hasn't done anything that comic marksman like Hawkeye couldn't replicate 10x