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Ryu Hayabusa & Sly Cooper

Hatake Kakashi & Nightwing


  • No prep time
  • Full knowledge
  • Standard equipment
  • In-Character
  • Winner by Death or KO


  • Start 200 feet apart
  • Both sides begin in sight
  • There are a few dozen cars throughout the parking garage
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@sovereign91001: Hey sorry man, I've been a bit caught up with things lately. I'll definitely reply as soon as I get the chance though.

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This should be nice

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My sincerest apologies for the huge delay. Anyways, it's finally time to get this train rollin'.

Ryu Hayabusa:


Ryu was born into the Hayabusa ninja clan, and was trained in the art of Ninjitsu from the moment he was a mere child. Despite being – at the end of the day – a mortal human being, years upon years of intense and rigorous training eventually pushed him to easily superhuman levels. He quickly became a master in the art of combat, and was essentially a prodigy amongst his clan members. He is also descended from from a line of super warriors known as the Dragon Lineage; which not only heightens his power even further, but grants him a greater understanding and connection to philosophical and spiritual arts. Upon venturing to many locations and fulfilling many quests, Ryu has been shown to be capable of defeating dozens of elite soldiers (ranging from other ninjas to heavily armed modern day military), supernatural demons and deities with power and abilities far exceeding his own.


As you probably may (or may not) have guessed, Ryu is definitely no pushover. As previously stated, he's accomplished quite a number of superhuman feats throughout the years. Here's a single example of what he's capable of:


In the following video, Ryu is displayed as being easily capable of destroying multiple air crafts; destroying them with only a few strikes of his primary weapon – The Dragon Sword (which by the way, is a very powerful and legendary blade that has been passed down for generations by the Dragon Lineage and has killed far too many evil forces to count. Just thought I’d mention), leaping great distances from one ship to another, and even dodging automatic gunfire and missiles from one of the ships.

If that wasn't enough, Ryu has also shown the potential to battle other beings that, quite honestly, would normally be out of his league. One of the more infamous examples of this would be when he single-handily defeated a possessed version of the Statue of Liberty; using only his standard equipment.


5:26 – 5:41

I'll go into more detail of Hayabusa's feats, this is more-so a general idea of what he can do.

Sly Cooper:


Sly is an internationally renowned descendant of the Cooper Thief Clan, a long line of master thieves that literally stretches back for entire generations. Each Cooper possesses a unique skill or ability of their own, and has recorded it in what I like to think of as the Cooper Clan's very own Bible – The Thievius Raccoonus; literally containing every single thing that each Cooper accomplished, discovered, and the skills they were infamous for. So, what does this all have to do with Sly? Well you see, Sly is actually the most current Cooper to date, and has admitted to reading the Thievius Raccoonus on more than one occasion; describing it at one point as a “heck of a page turner.” This means he has learned a majority of skills that some of the most prestigious thieves across history were known for. Talk about a helluva thief.


As a member of the Cooper Clan, one of Sly's most valuable skills (not to mention iconic), would be his essentially unparalleled stealth capabilities. How good is he? Well in one instance, he managed to disappear and reappear in the span of a single lightning flash, then KO two unsuspecting guards with ease. This feat is also an example of both Sly's speed and damage output.


0:40 - 0:52

Speaking of which, Sly (despite what his appearance may suggest) has quite the damage output. He's been shown on numerous occasions that he's easily capable of smashing his way through solid brick and metal with his trademark cane like it's nothing.


0:33 – 0:37


1:03 – 1:08

I should also bring up Sly's agility and reflexes; which in my opinion is at the very least, above that of a peak human.


6:10 – 6:16, reacts unexpectedly to a jet pack bullet fired at him, and emerges unscratched.


0:32 – 0:40, casually makes his way through an entire room littered with security lasers, and doesn't activate a single one.


3:30 – 4:13, quickly evades to the roof of the train before Carmelita can spot them, then shortly after defeats a group of officers with help from Murray in the dark before she can notice (also showing off Sly's fighting ability, but i'll go more detail about that later)

I'm sure that with all the commotion Kakashi and Ryu will be causing, Sly could slip away for at least a second; which is all he needs to remain out of Dick's sight. From there, I'm sure he could catch him off guard, then proceed to sneak up on him and hopefully deal some damage to him before he actually has to start fighting man to man.

(By the way, sorry I had to post the links instead of the actual videos; I tried and for some reason they wouldn't come up. -_-)