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Guyver 1


Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze.

No Zarathos

No Penance Stare


In character

Battle in the forest.

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I will let you make the opening move. Not sure if you this was up.

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@CadenceV2: I did not, sorry I made you wait four days lol. Can I use the Gigantic armor or am I restricted to base form? If you don't know Gigantic could be consider a mid sized town buster

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@Sovereign91001: Thats fine I only seen the movies of Guyver.

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@Sovereign91001: Even more than that. Did you read the latest chapters of the Guyver? If not he has a secret to the Gigantic Armor.

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@terry2012: Yes I have and I won't be using Gigantic Exceed, it's a (theoretical) planet buster and it'd kill any potential for a debate. Basic Gigantic though should keep things interesting.

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@Sovereign91001: Like I said Im using Human Control Blaze Rider who can be KO by a single powerful attack of WWH Hulk or Dr. Strange. He is immune to small damage of Stabs and Bullets but can still be slowly done in.

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@Sovereign91001: Yeah that right, Okay.

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@CadenceV2: I assume you mean the live action movies? If so I'll start off with a recap on Guyver's abilities:

Base Guyver abilities

  • Head Laser: A High intensity multi-directional head beam.
  • Sonic Swords: In his forearm Guyver houses twin retractable blades, they vibrate at ultra high frequencies and in Guyver canon are said to be able to penetrate any material.
  • Gravity Orb: On Guyver's waist is a gravity controller, it allows the unit to fly, and to fire a 'gravity cannon' that punches holes in targets.
  • Hyper sense: Twin sensor orbs on the Guyvers head allow it to sense targets not in it's host line of sight, the sensor looks into the E.M and thermal spectrum.
  • Sonic Buster: The Guyver can generate a sonic attack that hones in on a target's molecular resonance frequency and disintergrate it.
  • Mega Smasher: The Guyver's strongest weapon; twin particle cannons housed in the chest, it is in Guyver canon considered the strongest particle weapon on Earth and it's said that there is no material on Earth that can withstand its blasts.
  • A regenerative healing factor.

Gigantic Abilities

  • Triple Head Laser: One large beam about fifteen times stronger than the base Guyver's and two smaller (base Guyver output) lasers.
  • Power Amps: These orbs allow the Guyver to generate a barrier.
  • Enhanced Sonic Swords: The swords are now flexible and can extend like whips.
  • Double Hyper Sense: Gigantic has an additional set of sensing modules on its head doubling the range of its hyper sense.
  • Double Sonic Buster: Two more vibrational orbs that extend the range and a.o.e of the Guyver's sonic buster.
  • Jets: powerful Jets that increase the Guyver's flight speed dramatically.
  • Gravity Fist: A gravity orb enhanced punch, channels the power of the gravity cannon into the fist.
  • Gravity Ram: Gigantic's second most powerful weapon; By extending the chest spike and channeling energy into it, activating Barrier and powering up all three gravity orbs, the Gigantic accelerates using the thrusters on his back and releases a devistating a.o.e attack that atomize it's targets.
  • Giga Smasher: A amped version of the Mega Smasher estimated to be one hundred times more powerful.
  • A regenerative healing factor.

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@Sovereign91001: Wow I dont know if Blaze at all can take that Gigantic mode. That sounds like someone on Professor Hulk level and could end Human Control GR easy. That said I would face ya with another opponent now I have a base idea. Sounds more on level with Ultimate Iron Man who is also a small town buster.

So Ill concede this match. i just cant find a reason GR Blaze would survive all that.

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@CadenceV2: or i could use base form if you'd like.

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@Sovereign91001: Yeah. I can do with that.

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@CadenceV2: Okay my initial analysis would be to use range, with the laser and gravity cannon. Use the swords to defend against GR's chain and if I get a clear shot, go for the sonic buster or Mega Smasher. What are G.R's h2h skills like?

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@Sovereign91001: Alright. GR H2H is real blunt Bar Fighting type. Really not that special. His real specialties is his Hellfire attacks and Chains.

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@CadenceV2: Would you like to begin posting scans or should I?

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@Sovereign91001: Please do start it off and I will rebuttal.

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Okay I don't think Guyver's weapons will have any trouble penetrating Ghost Rider, all of his weapons are capable of easily penetrating Zoanoid flesh which is impervious to conventional weapons.

Here is Cronos' assesment of Guyvers Weapons.

I don't know G.R's exact physical strength but Guyver's power is well over 60 tons, he can easily overpower Zoanoids capable of flipping tanks.

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@CadenceV2: tagged.

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@Sovereign91001: All right. GR is pretty durable when he wants to be. Blaze and Ketch were more Durable than Vengeance or Caleb GRs.

As Caleb GR shows Small arms mean nothing to GR.

Here a Human Control Gr survives a Buidling Explosian and tank how power laser (if a little worse for wear)

Also he possess Helfire, Chains, and super strength to match.

Human GR on there Bio are said and shown around 25 ton range. Dragging a Jumbo jet Cockpit is pretty strong feat. Hellfire can also be use to make super fast Cycles (Travleing at mach speeds) and creat unlimited amount of Chains from any part of the body.

This could all be key to taking on the Guyver.

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In terms of reactions here are some of Guyver's reaction feats:

As you can see he is very fast. The one thing I'm concerned about is GR's hellfire, iirc it's a spiritual attack, not a physical one correct? I confess I'm not sure how Sho's healing factor will work against that. Should things get too hectic on the ground Guyver can take to the skies as well, he's got a lot of options to win this imo.

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@Sovereign91001: His Hellfire Soul Burns and Physicly Burns. It will be a major factor is causing bodily harm to be healed as well major pain on the soul.

It can be perform in many forms.

Explosive force
Encompassing Flamethower

These form of Hellfire attacks can be very effective.

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@CadenceV2: Sho has no experience with a spiritual attacks to my knowledge, his healing factor should be able to handle the physical side though, he's recovered from some gruesome injuries before and he can always disengage and reengage the armor to heal his wounds

However if Sho is incapacitaed (his soul is overwhelmed or whatever happens when your hit with Hellfire) Guyver can take over fighting, this would arguebly be more dangerous for Blaze, Guyver's attack with their full might and enter a berserk state if it's hosts are incapacitated.

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@Sovereign91001: Nice. GR himself can ank a beating before needing to heal with his hellfire. Should the Guyver go berserk I would think it would attack with blades more so and GR can get into range to Chain him up. These Hellfire Chains prove unbreakable except by the strongest Magic Beings or Holy weapons.

Like how he ties Dr. strange and the Angel Kazann.

From there Blaze can do many things via Chains.

As seen he can rip apart Lucifer Avatars who are all above Luke Cage in durability or Incapacitate them from moving.

To make matters worse he can set Hellfire to the chains as well.

Should Guyver his Beserk mode he would really be at threat in H2H.