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Fight here, behind cover at 20 feet.

  • No knowledge
  • In character
  • Fight to death
  • Gear as shown
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I've been looking for a good Revolver Ocelot match, and I'm confident I've found one here. That said, I've also been looking for a good Revolver Ocelot match where he wins, and, I'm sorry to break it to you Esquire, but the old man has taken on snakes far more solid than this ninja (see my clever pun thar?)

Ocelot is the son of legendary war hero The Joy and super powered psychic The Sorrow, and having inherited all the best traits of this super soldier combo, he rose through the ranks of the CIA, GRU and KGB, eventually becoming a head agent on all sides of the iron curtain during the Cold War before even finishing up his teen years. He's been trained and bred since birth by the Philosophers to basically be whatever they'd ever need him to be. In his early years, while acting as Major of GRU's most elite unit (the Ocelot Unit), the young and arrogant Adamska effortlessly annihilates an armed squad of Russian soldiers before his hat can hit the floor. This is, of course, while using a crappy automatic. The second Big Boss advices Ocelot to pick up a revolver, he reaches true gunslinging prodigy.

Simply put: Ocelot doesn't miss. The only way you can avoid a bullet in your brain from him is by actively being faster than the bullets he fires. Even then, considering his adeptness at ricocheting shots and super powered tactical skill, it soon becomes impossible either way.

Snake Eyes has his own guns of course, but I don't see those as helping him. Ocelot is a bullet timer even in his old age, neither Solid nor Naked Snake can ever land a single shot on him, and considering they're both Punisher-level of accuracy and have made shots on Spider-Man speed characters, that puts Shalashaska on an entirely new level of skill.

Ocelot always plays it smart and is always in control. Making full use of his unmatched intelligence and sharpshooting prowess, he should be capable of hitting Snake Eyes eventually and ending it just like that.

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@nickzambuto: Meh, we'll do it here.

As awesome a shot as Ocelot may be, he's using bullets. Snake Eyes laughs in the face of bullets.

He can block anything Ocelot shoots at him, and his speed will let him take things up close. He's run down a motorcycle from behind, after all. Does Ocelot have the reaction feats to prevent him from being bitzed? Because Snake Eyes does that sort of thing with ease.

He can close the distance fast, and his gear is going to give him the win, not even taking into account how skilled he is. Ocelot has a pistol, Snake Eyes has knives and a katana. He's also one of the most skilled swordsman in comics, with a form and magnitude of ki unheard of by even the greatest of ninja masters.

Snake Eyes has the speed and skill to avoid Ocelot's fire long enough to take it up close, and he has the skill and weaponry to end it quickly in melee combat.

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Snake Eyes has never had a problem dodging bullets because he's never had to face a competent marksman. Or at least, competent by Revolver Ocelot's standards. Perfect accuracy can only get you so far, in order to beat someone like Snake Eyes, you need to the tactical skills to plan your shots and trap him. Ocelot is an incredible tactician.

  • Acts as a triple agent for all sides of the Cold War at the same time while secretly pushing his own agenda forward
  • Masterminds Operation Snake Eater and gets away with the Philosophers Legacy at the age of 18
  • Infiltrates the Pentagon and assassinates the DCI while stealing invaluable documents about the Philosophers
  • Desperately sought by Zero to join the Patriots

Ocelot spent the next several decades from this point living the simple life; that of a high ranking international super spy and sadistic war veteran. His skills only grew sharper as he got older, and by the turn of the millennia his marksmanship is literally deemed a superhuman attribute. With his unmatched powers of manipulation and strategic cunning, Ocelot should be capable of forcing Snake Eyes into a position where he can't dodge. At that point, deflecting is the ninja's only option. Not a problem usually, but when the entire clip is unloaded in a nanosecond and each bullet is mere inches from the last, it gets pretty difficult to keep up.

5:20 with Sergei Gurlukovich's gun already aimed at him, Ocelot spins around, throws his coat, draws his gun, and empties the revolver into both the Russian and Scott Dolph, killing them both despite his vision being obscured. Immediately following, Ocelot draws a new revolver and guns down a team of mercenaries before a single one can even twitch their fingers.

Picture all that happening in real time, without the slow motion filter. That'll give you an idea of how quickly Ocelot shoots.

4:50 shoots his revolver at automatic speeds

When the shots are as close to each other as this and perfectly placed to fully exploit any weakness found in Snake Eyes' stance, deflecting isn't going to be an option. I hope the ninja has some good pain tolerance.

Does Ocelot have the reaction feats to prevent him from being bitzed?

Yes. Besides gunning down a group of men, every bullet being a direct kill shot, he's done plenty to keep up with Snake Eyes in close combat.

Ocelot's CQC has been shown enough to stalemate both Big Boss and Solid Snake, matching them both move for move. And both these soldiers posses INSANE combat speed! Big Boss, for one, stomped Null in hand-to-sword combat in only a few minutes (Null was undoubtedly faster than Snake Eyes) and he also defeated Gene (blitzed a precog). Big Boss defeated an armed soldier squadron with his bare hands before anyone could even react, and literally snatched Dr. Strangelove's ID Card right off her coat with a dozen people staring straight at him failing to even process the move. Solid Snake is even faster, defeating the Cyborg Ninja (upgraded Null), taking down an mercenary unit effortlessly in the time it took Raiden to walk down a hallway, and clearing an entire room of sentries before Peter Stillman could finish one sentence.

If Ocelot can keep up with them, he can keep up with Snake Eyes. a close quarters fight between the two is very interesting actually; I'm going to go on record and say Ocelot would still win. His stats are higher than Snake's for the most part, and his fighting skills are phenomenal. Ocelot is highly adaptable and exceptionally resourceful; he mastered CQC just by watching Big Boss do it. He's definitely stronger than Snake Eyes and might very well be faster too, then with his unrivaled sense of tactics and natural fighting ability, Snake Eyes will just be yet another ninja added to Ocelot's wrap sheet (he already has several).

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The Silent Master takes it

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@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

The Silent Master takes it

Quiet you.

Helloo hello