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Darksied,Sasuke,Naruto,Juggernaut, and Wonder Woman,shazam billy batson,martian manhunter no telepathy


loki,cell second stage,mongul,general zod,thanos,big barda,sephiroth.

both teams 10 hours of prep. but teams only have 15 hours before galactus comes to destroy the plantent.

battle location planent namek

bloodlust is on

winner gets infinity gaunlent

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this should be interesting

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@darkbeam: you dont want mm who do u want instead and can u make the first post

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@oceanmaster21: I still want him but I think that we should take away he's telepathy.And yeah I'll make the first post.

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@darkbeam: ok hus telpathy gone. ok ur move cant wait to start im pumpt

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@oceanmaster21: I'm working on it. it's going to be a long post Becuase theirs so many characters.

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Ok so here we go I'm going to start of with the unstoppable Juggernaut aka Cain Marko.so the first thing everybody knows about Cain is that he's unstoppable here's some of he's feats.

Instead of moving out of the way he lets Spiderman drive a gas tanker right into him and not only does it not even move him,but he walks out of the resulting gas inferno unscathed Amazing Spiderman #230.

Next he allowed Dazzler to blast all of her energy directly at him at point blank range until she was drained and passes out right infront of him,again Juggernaut is unharmed Uncanny X-Men #218

Next. He takes a full opticblast from Cyclops and all he does is smile Cyclops #1.

He has even withstood Thors Godforce which is a impressive feat indeed Thor #412.So I think we both no that theirs not much your guys can do to hurt him now let's talk about he's strength.

Juggernauts strength exceeds 100 tons he has shown that with he's feats.

When fighting a army battalion,Cain slammed he's fist into the ground causing a earthquake that ripped through the entire vally and brought a hill crumbling on them.

He also shows how strong he is by who he fights.

In he's confrontation with Thor he sent Thor flying in the air and into a store with a casual backslap Thor #411.

He took Thing out in seconds with only 3 blows Secret Wars #7.

He has also fought and defeated Colossus on many occasions.So with these feats I'm confident that your Characters can't hurt Cain,but Cain can hurt them.

So on with the next character.The next one I'm using is Darksied or Uxas he's strength also far exceeds 100 tons as he has shown by fighting Some of Dc most powerful.

In Superman confidential #8 Darksied backslaps Superman with little effort.

DS very quickly subdues Superman in Superman Man of steel #116.

Darksied also man handles Metron in Orion #14.So that's how strong DS is but strenght is not all DS has,he also has the Omega effect.The Omega effect is the violent side of the source.The Source is kinda like the consciousness of the Dc universe.But anyway DS has many ways that he can use the Omega effect.He's most powerful way is the Omega Beams,the Omega beams can wipe out almost anything from existence besides if your apart of the source wall.DS can also control the omega beams to follow after anyone he wants it to.DS has several other abilities such as telepathy,telekinesis,teleportation,size manipulation so he can alter his size and density,and also omega sanction which DS is able to send you though different realities.So that's my first post I'm about to take a break for about 45 minutes I'll be back to finish the rest of my characters you can start on yours if you want.

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@oceanmaster21: my first post is up,oh and you should probably put that were not using scans.

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@deathstroke19: yeah we both can't use scans right now so were just using words lol.

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@darkbeam: haha. The glory of being mobile... Which i am all the time.

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@deathstroke19: Lol yeah my dad on accidentily poured water on my computer so now I'm on my phone it sucks lol.

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@darkbeam: nice s post im at walmart with my mom i post with my team

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So many characters, I hope no less than 2 pages from you!

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@oceanmaster21: lol. The glory of Walmart.

@darkbeam: wow. A phone? That must suck. I am always on iPad so i don't have to worry about small letters lol.

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Wait, how come scans aren't being used to support claims?

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Wait, how come scans aren't being used to support claims?

They're on mobiles.

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@darkbeam: ok i see you use juggernat first ok. mongul well exceeds the strenght of class 100. he has beasted superman more then once as well as facing wonder woman and other jla members while fighting superman .Now granted iknow that jugger cant be harmed physically so mongul will introduce jugg to the black mercie once the mercie has attached iself to jugg. cain will be out of the fight completly bc he fell into a dream state. I hope he has a goodnight sleep bc hes gonna be out for awhile.

now my terrior of the universe thanos.

Thanos has great durabilty. he has tanken full blast from odin himself and refuses to give up.

as well has taking on a bloodlusted thor while thor had the gems.Now we all know that thor is just as strong as superman and when hes in bloodlust mode that warriors madness which is superman sundiped basically plus the gems that is sundiped + and after all that thanos gets up and just smiles anyone who can hang with thor in that situation should be feared and respected.

thanos has beaten the avengers. now granted darkseid has taken on the jla how many times dose he actually beat them from what i seen darkseid puts up one heck of a fight but in the end the jla wins, with thanos thats not the case. the avengers win because he wants to loose just for he can have another shot at them. thanos could easily take out the avengers but its all a game to him.

physical attributes beats silver surfer nearly to death.

beats tyrant.

pimp slaps drax the destroyer and hulk.

his shields are so powerful that glactus had to excert himself to the max just to get passed thanos shields tell me how darkseid getting passed thanos shields i dont see it.

thanos energy blast is so powerful hes made galactus go flying.

Darkseid omega beams are powerful but thanos has godblast which is just as powerful if not more powerful than the omega affect. In the end with thanos shields his powers and high durability i dont see darkseid beating thanos.

alright bro i posed my first post its your turn again.

oh dont forget our teams only have 15 hours before galactus comes to destroy planet namek. and 10 of those hours are prepping ours for the teams so what is your team gonna do with prep.and how are they gonna defeat my minons.

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Ok my next guy is the one and only Sasuke Uchiha.now Sasuke has a number of abilties but the most important one is he's Mangekyo Sharingan.Sasukes Mangekyo Sharingan allows him to do a couple of things.The first thing I'm going to to talk about is Amaterasu,now the Amaterasu is said to be as hot as the sun and is almost unavoidable Becuase Sasuke can do it instantly.Also if the Amaterasu or Black flames gets on you,it never stops burning into you are nothing but ash so if it gets on any of your guys their doomed.With he's Mangekyo Sharingan Sasuke can also use the Tsukuyomi which will pretty much allow him to make a illusion so how is Mongul going use Black mercie on Juggernaut if he's fighting air lol oh and also Sasuke can use the Black flames on it turning it to nothing if need be.

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@oceanmaster21: And I'm not even done with Sasuke yet he also has lightning style Justus he's most well know one is the Chidori.Now the original Chidori channels a large amount of Lightning to the users hand and he would have to get in close to strike.But Sasuke has developed many different kinds of Chidori like Chidori current.Chidori current releases the Chidori In every direction near him,their is also the Chidori spear which is pretty much a long range Chidori.Sasuke can also summon a giant snake to help him out if he needs it.Plus Sasuke is very fast so when he moves it almost looks like he's teleporting.So theirs my argument for Sasuke Uchiha you can go why I prepare for my other guys

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@darkbeam: thats a great move but it wont work bc each team has 10 hours of prep right dont forget i have loki the god of mischieft with 10 hours of prep he can do multiple things he can cast a spell to make your whole team team fight each other while my team is going to retrieve the infinity gaunlent. loki can even turn your team into snow like he did odin father he turned him into pure snow imagine what hes gonna do with prep. loki is no slouch in any department.

loki has gone toe to toe with thor,fought silver surfer,last a little while against sentry. loki has multiple abilities of his own which surpass sauske such as strenght,speed,agility,magic molecue rearangment. eneryg projection,teloportation,flight . plus how is sauske gonna hurt loki he cant catch loki bc of his speed. 2 loki is physically superior,3 loki smarter. loki can make himself look like one of your own team members and be killing your team off 1 by 1 nobody will supspect there own teammate betraying them.

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@oceanmaster21: I'm about to talk more about Martian Manhunter but first I want you to remember that this is Darksied your dealing with don't underestimate he's prep and Wonder Woman can also be of use in the prep department Becuase she can get magical items from Olympus Martian Manhunter can also get things from the watchtower oh and remember Darksied has telepathy so he can easily see inside Loki mind and know that he's not one of us but Martian Manhunter we'll have fun killing your team once he shapeshifs into one of them.

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@darkbeam: loki has tp as well as thanos cell but i wait for that go ahead and make your post of naruto darkseid martian and wonder woman im still getting mind together

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@oceanmaster21: ok next on the list Martian Manhunter.Your guys won't be able to even touch him, he's another character with a number of powers.First of super strength one thing that really shows of he's strength is when he Wonder Woman and Superman moved a planet,that says a lot on its own,some of he's other abilities include invulnerability he has taken blows from characters such as Despero,Flight he has flight speed almost like Superman,Regeneration he is able to regenerate he's body even if it's in several pieces,Intangibility MM can phase through just about anything so good luck with that lol,Invisibility,Telekinesis,Martian vision he has been able to harm Superman with this vision so it's pretty deadly,and of course shape shifting.So with all these abilities I believe that MM can take the majority of your guys in a fight.

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@darkbeam: great post i post tommrow night when i get off wirk

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@darkbeam: hey i dont get off tilk late tonight so if you want u can go ahead and make your wonder woman and naruto post and i respond to all of it when i get home

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this is pretty good so far

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Ok now Wonder Woman the princess of the Amazons.Wonder Woman is a very powerful character she not only has power that rivals Superman,but she also has skills that rivals Batman.But before I get more into that let's take a look at her weaponry.

First of course theirs the Lasso of truth I'm pretty sure you know that it makes you tell the truth so I won't get in to that part of it,but one important thing about her lasso is that it could get rid of illusions which is a great defensive against Loki don't you think.

She also has her Bracelets of victory which is unbreakable so that gives her a good defense.Next is her Royal tiara,now this is no ordinary tiara this tiara is magic and can be used as a weapon.She can throw this weapon to cut enimes. let's get Into her strength feats.

Helped move a planet with Superman and MM.

Fought a Bloodlusted Superman who thought that she was Doomsday and that she killed Lois.

Beat Supergirl in Supergirl #5

So now that we know how strong she is what about how fast?

Well the fastes man alive Flash him self said that WW can easily keep up with him she has shown this when she speedblitz Amazo before he could even say a word.All right theirs WW Naruto is next.

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@darkbeam: Big barda is wonder woman equal in every way they fought to a stand still. barda has super strenght,super speed,longtivity aero disk that make her fly and an apokoliptian armor which augments her already super strength.

barda has mega rod that shoots out energy bolts so powerful superman has benn taking out by them.

she also a great hand to hand combataint as she was trained by granny goodness and darkseid themselves.

she has been said wonder woman equal by wonder woman herself tso that should be interesting.

and they have fought side by side with each other so barda knows ww inside out.

your team is powerful no doubt about it. but what can your team do with prep. loki and thanos prep together is unstoppable what is to stop my team from bfr juggernat sauske and naruto

your turn.lol i just remembered you have naruto and shazam left.

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Barda simply does not have the feats to be called WW equal.And also what's going to stop WW from speed blitzing Barda,she might have super speed but it's no where near WW.And what actually is Loki and Thanos going to do with prep?with prep WW can bring the Gauntlets of Atlas which doubles her strength by 10 by the way.

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@darkbeam: with prep loki can make your team fight each other they wont realize whats going on. hiwever your shazam mite be a problem

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@darkbeam: @oceanmaster21:

Maybe you guys should talk about what you're going to do with prep first? Or every counter can just be credited towards prep that wasn't listed.

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@oceanmaster21: Naruto is one of the most powerful Ninjas in the hidden leaf village.One of the reason why is Becuase he is the host of the 9 tailed fox,and the 9 tailed fox or Kurama is a Chakra monster with a vast amount of power.And Becuase of that Naruto has a lot of Chakra himself.Ok now Let's get into he's abilities

First one is the Shadow clone jutsu.The Shadow clone jutsu allows Naruto to make copies of himself these clones have minds of their own and can do Jutsus just like Naruto they can even bleed like the real Naruto,sadly they disappear if their hit by strong enough force.

Another Jutsu Naruto can do is the Rasen shuriken,the cool thing about the RS is that it attacks you at a microscopic level so your guys don't want to be hit by that lol.

Naruto can also enter something called the Sage mode increases he's strength,speed,and he's durability and Naruto is already a very fast character on he's own.

Naruto can go into tailed beast mode as well which kinda does the same thing as sage mode but he's even more powerful in this mode.

Theirs also the tailed beast ball which is a huge explosion that pretty much wipes out everything.Ok I'm not completely done with Naruto yet but I wanted to make some of it.