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Captain Cold, Pied Piper, Mirror Master, Dr. Alchemy, and Top


Ultimate Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye

  • Rules NONE
  • 5 hour Prep to grab Gear and plan attack
  • Morals On
  • Battlefield
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Rules work for ya?

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This should be fun :)

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Looks perfect to me, man.

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Wait, what about team compatibility? Will that be yay or nay?

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@nickthedevil: ??? Like working together? Then Yes I assume your team works well together. For this match like Clock Work.

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@CadenceV2 said:

@nickthedevil: ??? Like working together? Then Yes I assume your team works well together. For this match like Clock Work.

Alright, my initial arguement coming up!

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@nickthedevil: @CadenceV2:

I'm looking forward to reading this debate.

Thanks for reading,


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In terms of prep, it's pretty even. Doctor Alchemy and the Top are super geniuses, although Doctor Alchemy has never shown prep feats that are "considerable", The Top has.

Note: i am not well versed with the 1610 universe, so this remains to be compared.

With prep, The Top will arm his satelite top. A giant top that, in the old Barry Allen days, was primed to target his enemies and crash land on them if he was to ever get KO'ed.

(I'll get the picture of it attacking in a bit). Morals may be on, but Roscoe has went behinf Cold's back mroe than once, so there should be now problem. The only Rogues here with any real morals are Pied Piper and Captain Cold. My strongest, Doctor Alchemy, Top and Mirror Master, have no morals.

Here is another little top of his. The Atomic Top. A nuclear weapon that spins ue to containing a machine that lets it rotate. It has enough power to level the entire western hemisphere.

The Atomic Top is the size of the average man. (having trapped Barry Allen inside). Here's the trick: If it were to stop spinning for any reason, it goes off.

Your move, Cadence.

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@nickthedevil: Sweet use of Prep.

Alright my counter.

Tony Stark in the Ultimate Verse has his own Web link of Satellites. He also has his own Mini Space Station / Armour known as the Iron Man 6.

First thing Tony will do is use his resources to determine what the Rogues are up too. Like wise Anthony (his Tumor) will detect the super spinning Top in Space as well as the Atomic properties of the Apoc Top.

I can deal with these 2 problems rather quickly.

Anthony here will use the Iron Man 6 (his Tumor is link to all suits) and blast that Space Top away.

Like so. Then he will rejoin the battle.

For the Apoc Top I have the perfect person. Scarlet Witch has twice disable a Country's Nuclear Arsenal with ease. She can easy do so for this top.

Easy Hocus Pocus and the Top will either be Orbit or outright disabled.

Also I have sensors in Starks Armour that can scan in Infrared, Heat, Radar, Motion, Radio Waves, X-Ray, and even Sonar.

So with him above the City I can pin point your team accurately.

Now I can have Iron Man 6 and Iron Man prepare for a Bombardment of epic portions on your area from the sky along with Thor Lightning.

Iron Man has enough Firepower to level a City Block.

Thor has enough Firepower to destroy half a Alien Fleet.

Your move.

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@CadenceV2: I have a rebuttal brother.

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@CadenceV2: Okay, but listen here. The Rogues' Hideout has never been discovered. not by the FBI who even had not one, not two, but THREE Rogues to help them. The Justice League, Suicide Squad and Teen Titans hunted them down aftrer Bart Allen's death, and they never found them.

That being said, your team won't have any prior knowledge of the Atomic Top, nor the satelite. Of course, I have no doubt your team will find and detect the satelite, but I'm sure they wouldn't find out what it's for, nor what it does. Probably wouldn't even give it a second thought.

This was a rebuttal to your prep, I won't refute you on your aerial tactic just yet. I'll let you have another go at your prep.

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@nickthedevil: Sounds good. I however believe fully I will find out what that Atomic Top is thanks to Iron Man again.

Again I can from Sat's or IM himself in the sky analyze and figure out the Spinning Atomic Top of Doom.

I could also have Scarlet Witch take it out as soon as they see it. Or Thor can BFR it with his Hammer.

Tony is cautious and Hawkeye is even more so. They will both defiantly get rid of a Giant spinning Top in a City ruin.

For this Battle I will use the time to make and repair as well the Upgraded Stealth Armour that Ghost Used. It has the Shield, Lasers, and Flight of IM. It has a added 5th Dimensional device for storage and Phasing unit.

This will be used with IM to Battle.

IM can also easy reactivate Black Widows Armour. This armour is comaparable to IM in stats with Heavy Machine Guns.

Then ofcourse prep and ready the Iron Man 6 if all else fails.

All this will be done rather quickly in the Prep time and used one at a time by Anthony should any be destroyed.

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@CadenceV2: Okay, I want to understand something, your prep is going to be used up on finding the Rogues? You know you have two entire cities to scan right? They base in both Keystone and Central City, which have been defined as big. Each just about the size of Metropolis

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@nickthedevil: Oh I put up on the Match just this as a Battlefield.

If ya want we can get rid of that and put up a Neutral World in Ruin.

Prep Remains Same. I will have Anthony spend the entire Time searching.

I cant really move against ya till I find ya. However when I do Ill continue with my Plan.

Want to battle here or the world.

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No worries, I thought prep was worldwide, everything battlewise was strictly limited to the battlefield

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@nickthedevil: My last post is edited for Prep.

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@CadenceV2: Cool.

Mind If I ask what that was?

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@nickthedevil: Original Post had my Ghost armour looking for ya to attack. During Prep Time with a Planet that be silly.

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@nickthedevil Alright my Opening statement.

With Air Superiority I can Scan from Multiple Sats as well my IM Armour from a safe distance before committing. I can also send in Anthony in his Ghost Armour to Phase in and out of buildings while scanning. Quicksilver and Hawkeye are on the ground at a safe distance on the edge of the city.

Im confident the Ultmates will locate your team before you even see mine.

When Located I will attack with IM City Block Busting Attacks and my Ghost Armour Phasing in and out of combat.

City Block Busted
Ghost Armour Phasing and Attacking

On top of this Scarlet Witch will rain Hex Bolts that need to be dodge. As well as Thors Lightning.

Hex Bolts

Mass Lightning