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BEHOLD!! One of the most epic contest of all times..

Brace yourselves, because you´re about to see two badass facing each other here!




EMPATECH (Amalgam Character)

Spartan (Body) Amadeus Cho (Mind) Meggan (Powers) Kang (Item)


  • In character.
  • Uninhabited earth.
  • Random encounter.
  • Standard elimination rules.
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I'd like to start out by asking, as I'm not sure with amalgam characters -- does this guy have a weakness?

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Whoops, forgot to tag you @higorm

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@joygirl said:

I'd like to start out by asking, as I'm not sure with amalgam characters -- does this guy have a weakness?

Yes, but I guess it´s your job to find and explore them :P


I will PM you ok?

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Well, for starters, that forcefield means absolutely nothing.

I would like to direct you to this scan in 52 --

That perimeter force shield? The one designed to withstand a direct asteroid strike?

Someone doesn't give much of a crap about that, as the VERY NEXT PAGE gives us this--

<------ And in case you were thinking maybe that force shield wasn't all it was cracked up to be? The JSA, including Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Power Girl, are powerless to get through.

So, let's start the bidding off by taking Kang's forcefield completely out of the equation -- and while you're at it, evaluate Spartan's durability. :3 Because that's just one of the terrors that make up the Slaughter League. And considering that Adam can go around the Earth about seven times in a single second, I'm excited to see how you think you won't get blitzed.

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@joygirl: really impressive, but not so easy..

So let´s start by Kang´s armor then..

Kang wears a full-body armor which enhances his strength. He is able to lift c. 5 tons when wearing the armor. The armor can project a force field covering a circle twenty feet around its user. The force field is durable enough to protect its user from direct nuclear strikes. The suit is supplied with air, food and water, allowing him to survive for quite a while before exhausting his resources. It comes with its own waste disposal system. The armor is equipped with various weapons, including "anti-graviton particle projectors in his gauntlets, concussive force blasters, circuitry accessing his ship's time machine, allowing him an "automatic recall" of a few seconds" and others. Kang has even demonstrated technology transferring his mind to alternate bodies when a body of his dies. He might thus extend his life indefinitely.

Kang's battle armor is produced from a rare synthetic alloy from the 40th century. It is neuro-kinetic, meaning it responds to his subconscious thoughts. Though Kang has no powers, his armor endows him with rough equivalents of super-human abilities.

Anti-Gravity Device: Kang has a device in the gauntlets of his armor that allows him to render objects weighing up to 2.2 tons weightless.

Video Communicator: Built into the right wrist is a video communicator, which he can use to stay in contact with his bases from any point in the time-stream.

Time Travel: Kang's armor can create temporal divergences, giving him the ability to travel through and manipulate time.

Concussive Bolts: Kang can fire concussive blasts from the finger tips of his gauntlets; these blasts have the force of several tons of dynamite.

Weaponry: By cracking his fingers, Kang can summon any number of weapons which are transported to him through time-stream instantly.

Electric Shock: By flexing his muscles, Kang can activate a powerful electric shock.

Hover Pad: Kang has often made use of a hover-pad in his battles.

Survival Kit: Kang's armor has a self-contained atmosphere, 30 day supply of food, and waste disposal system.

Body Transference: Until recently, Kang employed nano-technology in his helmet's circuitry that enabled him to transfer his mind into a new body at the moment of death.


(No shields)

Takes a hit at point blanke range by Thor:

Possess the ability of self-repair:

(Shields ON)

Survives entering the atmosphere when his base is destroyed:

Standing up to Silver Surfer´s cosmic blasts:

Able to sustain Thor´s pounding:

Not enough? How about from Warrior Madness Thor?

So you get an idea of the durability, it´s not just the force-field that is able to sustain nuke strikes, but also the armor itself, which was able to take hits from Thor´s Hammer at point blank range without suffering any damage.

Not to mention that inside the armor you have Spartan´s body.

Spartans are fully sentiant robots of high alien technology. They not only possess superhuman durability but also self-repair ability. Although not totally invulnerable in the true sense of the word, he is still fairly tough and difficult to injure, since recent upgrades to his chassis has made him tough enough to withstand stronger impacts. Ranging from surviving mortar fire from an alien tank, to standing ground against a speeding vehicle without budging. and parrying superhuman blows from the likes of Fairchild with ease.

About being blitzed, Kang´s armor possess enough counter-measures to deal with this kind of attack, and considering that Kang was able to fight, tag and hurt Silver Sufer before, I guess that Empatech can do the same or better against Black Adam here:

Also, Empatech is a teleporter :)

Either by using Spartan´s body or Kang´s armor, you choose, I rather prefer the first option:

Also, the next scans shows Spartan punching Mr. Majestic, who is considered to be superior to the likes of Superman..

All this without taking into consideration the Amadeus Cho mind using Meggan powers.

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Not bad, I see you've done your homework (you've also debated with him before which does give you an advantage).

Tanking the Surfer blast is nice, as is tanking hits from Thor. Miss Marvel, however, is irrelevant -- as is hitting the atmosphere. Any of the SL bust into atmospheres whenever they want.

He punched Mr. Majestic? Not bad -- how will he like being punched to the moon?

Keep in mind that Etrigan is the WEAKEST of this team, and he knocked Superman out of orbit. If breaking through the atmosphere is actually a challenge for this guy, then the hits the Slaughter League will be giving him an excess amount of will be shredding his armor -- taking a few hits from a single opponent is a lot different from having each of these guys grab onto a limb and PULL.

For fun, here's Black Adam crushing Hawkman's Nth Metal mace with one hand.

Y'know, the nearly indestructible substance that is specifically powerful and disruptive to magical beings... well, Adam tanked a few hits from it and then burst it like a balloon. Empatech isn't going to be tanking these hits -- he may take a few, but getting flogged from every angle all at once by people of this power level will have him dented and crushed within minutes, if not seconds, if he tries to close into melee combat (good luck avoiding it, considering Adam's speed). And I haven't even touched on Etsy's maleficarum or Atros's blood magic/ring powers yet. THEN there's Lobo, who is also arguably more physically powerful than Superman.

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@joygirl: So now you´re a good girl huh? :P

Okay let´s move on!

Yeah I kind of did my homework but considering all your previous Slaughter Team battle thread I guess you kind of did it too :X

Those durability feats were posted to prove that Empatech can take great amounts of damage.. Also, I don´t think he will be there standing in the ground waiting for a direct impact, that´s not something plausible when Amadeus Cho is involved..

About the Etrigan "moon-punch" I guess that it was pretty obvious that that would happen since Superman was flying straight up to him.. Another move Empatech won´t replicate here for sure..

Remember that I told you my character can provid counter-measures? Here´s a few:

So through Kang´s armor, Empatech can easily neutralize either of your non-flying characters (mainly Etrigan) via cobalt force:

It was enough to incapacitate Thor making him weigh half of a planet:

How about the paralysis ray? It was enough to neutralize Herc, Namor, Photon and an alternate Kang in one-shot:

Oh, I forgot to mention that with Kang´s tech, Empatech can pull weapons from the timestream, just like that:

And I don´t even get into Meggan´s powers..

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I was waiting for someone to notice. :P I am still secretly evil. Anyway, since my team has no non-flying members that gravity thing is pretty irrelephant. Etrigan will just grow his demon wings and Lobo will hop on his hawg and keep on truckin' (and by truckin' I mean ripping Empatech's limbs off). Pulling weapons out of midair would be AWESOME if he hadn't pulled out a weapon that didn't even break Wolverine's skin. Whatever that gun was will do less than nothing to any member of the Slaughter League. The Paralysis Ray IS cool -- but how long does it last? For one, he has to hit with it, which won't be easy. For another, he has to ignore the fact that he is being flogged from all angles and actually use it in the first place. THEN, best case scenario, he hits one of the team with it -- now he only has to deal with the other three. A really good question is what does Empatech do when Etrigan uses magic to send his soul to Hell?

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@joygirl: yeah I´m the guy who notices actually xD

Well, Thor flies too, way faster than Etrigan, but that doesn´t stopped him from being affected by the cobalt force..

Also you haven´t provided enough proof from your other team members being able to breach Empatech defenses..

About the timestream weapons, that scan was just to show that Empatech can pull weapons, not just that specific one, which he used to hit Wolverine especifically, for your guys there are others to use..

If you notice well, the paralysis ray was able to tag more than one enemy at the same time, since it´s not a straight up beam but a wide range ray so..

Magic huh? I knew we would get down to this topic sooner or later, but unluckily for you, Empatech has an answer for that matter, which comes thorugh Meggan´s power:

From Captain Britain vol. 2 #11:

In the present, Captain Britain and Meggan came across Baba Yaga's home while traveling through Western Russia. She captured the hero and attempted to subvert Meggan to her side. Meggan being both an empath and having ties to the energy of the Earth was especially susceptible to Baba Yaga's influence. Because of Meggan's nature, Baba Yaga believed her to be one of her "daughters", and that Brian Braddock was Meggan's offering to her. Meggan was in a daze as Baba Yaga used her control of the surrounding woods to capture Captain Britain, and then prepared to kill him. However, Meggan managed to resist her: Summoning an ancient, perhaps racial, memory, Meggan spoke the words:

"Witch of Wood and Witch of Water--Fire will save us from the Slaughter.

Fire to Scorch you...Fire to Torch you...Fire to Send you Screaming Back to Hell!"

She unleashed a blast of flame that incinerated Baba Yaga (or at least her earthly form), her daughters, and her house.

So basically through her powers, Empatech possess:

  • Magical Energy Manipulation: In her true form, Meggan can manipulate magical energy, i.e. deflecting spells.
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@higorm: Oooh you're a crafty hussy aren't you? Gots an answer for everything. Unfortunately that makes Etrigan borderline useless except as just another body. As for my "not proving the team can't get through his defenses", are you claiming that a direct, apocalyptic asteroid strike would not damage Empatech? Wouldn't do anything to him at all? Because if it would than so would Black Adam, seeing as he is more powerful than that. The cobalt stuff will be tricky, as will the wide-range ray... but these guys are not going to stand still, in a row, in front of Empatech. They're going to be speeding around him from all sides, smashing hits and digging claws, tearing him to pieces. Atros's claws were able to butcher Abin Sur and Guardians, and that was before he even had a ring.

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@joygirl: I try :P

Actually, you proved that Black Adam can cross a force-field while moving in travel speed, which is different from combat/reaction speed. Like I said before, Empatech won´t stand still waiting for the hit.

My claim was refered to the other members besides Black Adam, since either Etrigan or Lobo doesn´t possess that speed level.

As for the multi-directional strikes, Empatech got an answer for each one of the Slaughter League members, in matter of fact, Etrigan just got incapacitated so that leads me to the other 3..

KANG´s ARMOR (Offensive Tech)

  • Concussive Bolts: Kang can fire concussive blasts from the finger tips of his gauntlets; these blasts have the force of several tons of dynamite.

One-Shots Iron Man and Spidey at the same time:

Again vs Iron Man:

Remember: This is Iron-Lad, a less experienced version of Kang..

More finger-blasts vs Tempus

So considering Kang´s amor weapons capabilities, I believe Empatech can replicate this feat here:

Not impressive enough?

I present you:


It works by bathing the enemy with low-intensity rays that can sap the enemies will making them slaves to it´s owner. Also possess wide range angle.

One-shotting the Avengers (including Wonderman and Iron-man)

Same ray against Fantastic Four:

Still not impressive?

How about a gun capable of hurting the Silver Surfer?

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@higorm: Wooooooow. He managed to blast back Spider-Man and 70's Iron Man... *yawn* I'm stunned. Silver Surfer is a bit better, I'll admit... but I'm nowhere near done yet.

You're saying "Empatech won't just be standing still", what exactly WILL he be doing? I checked up Spartan's wiki, he doesn't have enhanced speed, and power armors never grant greater reaction speed. So how exactly will he avoid Teth-Adam zooming repeatedly around the earth at his top speed (mach 500) and smashing into him again and again and again and again, seven times per second, with the power of a godlike being going at those speeds? He doesn't even have to use his "combat speed" here... unless Empatech has an extreme reaction speed of his own, he IS going to be standing still because every 1/7th of a second he's going to be hitting hit with the power of an asteroid. These guys aren't just going to stand still for him to pull out his various gadgets and attempt to use them. They're not going to "feel him out a little bit", they're all going to go straight for the kill at the exact same time.

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@joygirl: Fair enough. Don´t get me wrong I just want to make you sweat a little bit :P

The offensive tech feats were posted increasingly to show an evolution, from Spider-Man to Silver Surfer. If Kang manage to tag several different powerhouses and godlike characters before, why can´t Empatech do the same here since his speed/reaction time is further increased?

Well, actually, Spartan does have superhuman speed, otherwise how would him be able to fight Mr. Majestic, who is superior to Black Adam. Also, BA modus operandi indicates he rather prefer the struggle instead of using speed to win his battles.

Flight: Spartan is capable of flight via the generation of an anti-gravity field about his body. His speed range is somewhere at around Mach-1 (750 mph).

I know that´s nothing compared to BA, however, Empatech possess ways to bring Teth-Adam down.

First option would be timefreezing:

This also answer your question: "what exactly WILL he be doing?"

See how he deals with all those enemies at the same time.. Also note that Wolverine was the only one neutralized via timefreeze.

More to come.. I´m close to go for the kill here so be prepared! :P

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@higorm: The issue here is that the team he's fighting would get solo'd by any one member of the Slaughter League. They are all at WILDLY lower power levels than even the weakest of my boys, and power... well, power means a lot. Did he ever try to freeze time against someone like Thor or Surfer? Enormously powerful magical entities generally tend to be unimpressed by certain scientific effects.

Honestly, however, I am faltering. The fact that none of the team can use magic gimps them to the point where all they can really do is just dish out punches...


Your argument for Adam not blitzing is hilariously weak. "He likes the struggle"? No, he doesn't give a damn about the struggle. Hawkman he just brushed off casually and left without any struggle at all. He only struggles against characters he has to struggle against -- everyone else he notoriously flies into and rips in half. If Empatech doesn't get ripped in half after the first strike he's going to get hit again, and again, and again, and again. Mach 1? That's pathetic. Teth goes at Mach 500 and can react while going at those speeds. I'm not going to just sit back and accept that Empatech will sit back at his pitiful, tortoise-like speed and pull out all of his special fancy toys and casually use them rather than getting his head torn off at 170,000 miles per second.

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@joygirl: All right!! That´s what I´m talking about, I knew your dark side would arise.. Welcome back :P

I agree with you, but that was just Kang, here you got Spartan´s body inside the Kang´s amor using Meggan powers being driven by Amadeus Cho mind. That scan was meant to prove that if Kang can deal with the Avengers, Empatech can deal with the Slaughter League.

Since you asked, more time-freeze feats:

I never said BA likes the struggle, I said his way of fighting is more like striking the enemy than blitzing them. I belive you already know this but I can show you several different ocasions where BA fought his enemies without using speedblitz..

Here´s a few:

From these scans we saw the likes of Mr. Terrific, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, Hawkgirl, etc who are far from being powerhouses, punching/trying to punch Black Adam, who could just speedblitz them all right?

Not to mention that as already said, Spartan by his own fought Mr. Majestic, who is considered to be superior to Black Adam. So I don´t see why this is an issue for start..

Conclusion: if Spartan can match Mr. Majestic, he can more than match Black Adam.

So guess what? BA will have to struggle against EMPATECH!!

With speed not being an issue, lets move on to what really matters, because like you said: "powers means a lot. So you want power? I show you the real POWER!

Let´s find out the origin of the name Empatech, shall we?

Meggan’s abilities can roughly be divided into empathic, elemental and metamorphic, although all three powers tie together complementing each other. Pretty good huh?



A telepathic talent which enables Meggan to sense the emotions and feelings of all living creatures (from people, to animals, to plants) and can broadcast her own feelings in order to influence other people's emotions.

Her empathic abilities work in both directions, she can focus to make those around her feel as she feels:

Meggan’s powers make her one with the lifeforce of her environment, giving her an innate awareness of her surroundings:

Empathic Metamorph:

  • Takes on animalistic forms she gains attributes from them such as enhanced senses, tunneling ability, toxin immunity, or the ability to breathe fire.
  • Unlike most shapeshifters, Meggan can actually take on powers as well as forms.
  • Can also bulk her body up to increase her strength even further.

A shapeshifter who can assume the form of any living creature, even those who only exist in legends (once she became a Godzilla-like dragon and actually breathed fire, and another occasion she became a werewolf that looked like fellow mutant Wolfsbane, and had all of a wolf's natural abilities). Meggan can assume the form of other people as well. Thanks to her empathic ability, Meggan's body will actually change in response to the emotions around her, becoming beautiful when she feels loved, or hideous when she feels fear or anger. Her elemental powers also cause Meggan to change in response to her surroundings, such as growing fur in extreme cold, or gills when she is submerged underwater.


In her true form, Meggan can manipulate, absorb or release elemental energy - this includes earth, fire, water, air and even ether(energy). Thanks to Meggan's empathy, she has a psionic link to the natural forces of the Earth. By "speaking" to the elements, Meggan can command the environment around her, and her emotional state can affect the local ecosystems. She can extinguish forest fires with a thought, summon gale force winds or part the waters of a lake with wave of her hand, or even cause earthquakes in a flash of anger. Meggan has even been observed causing electromagnetic pulses by commanding the magnetic fields around her, freezing opponents by rapidly dropping the air temperature around them, or increasing the powers of elemental mutants (such as increasing the temperature of her teammate Peter Wisdom's heat blasts). Meggan has used her elemental powers to affect man-made objects, such as actually making the atoms in a building's roof move apart, creating a hole in the roof that resealed itself (without a trace of ever having had a hole in it) once Meggan had passed though it (which suggests that Meggan's elemental powers may have a psychokinetic quality).

  • Energy Blasts: Meggan can focus the elemental energies around her into devastating energy blasts. When she absorbs power, she begins to glow.
  • Earth Energy Absorption: Meggan has the ability to draw energy from the Earth. She can use this power to augment her abilities to shape change, generate bio-blasts or fly.

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@higorm: Gimme a little bit. I'm unable to get on my laptop right now. But don't think this is finished. Rats are deadliest when they're cornered.

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@joygirl: no problem girl, take your time :)

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@higorm: Will have a post up in 2-3 hours. ^_^ Top priority.

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This is fun to read.

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@higorm said:

I never said BA likes the struggle

May be a good idea to not say he doesn't prefer to struggle if you're going to go ahead and say he doesn't, bub. :P You gotta set your story straight, even if it is wrong.

As for Majestic... what the hell proof do you have that he's superior to Adam in absolutely ANY way? You just flat-out made that up, and you expect me to butter it, salt it, and eat it down? Have the two ever fought? Have the two ever even MET? Because if they haven't (and I'm pretty sure they haven't), then being able to beat Majestic (who is clearly nowhere near as fast as Adam, if he could be taken down by a Mach-1er) means...


Meggan looks cool but all of her stuff, at this point, is icing on the cake. I was actually a bit underwhelmed to be completely honest -- sounds like the most effective thing she can do against the Slaughter League is prevent them from using magic, which IS a great big pain in the ass but not in any way a game-over.

Energy blasts... *yawn*. You still have to show me anything that will actually bring the SL down, all of which are outrageously durable, to the point of nigh-unkillability. Even with him strapped to a table and unconscious, Dr. Sivana barely figured out a way (after ages of experiments) to damage the enamel on Teth's teeth. Etrigan was flat-out vaporized during Reign in Hell and all that happened was he resurrected himself and grew back to his normal size. We all know how durable Lobo is. And Atros had his heart ripped out and barely even cared. So unless these energy blasts destroy planets I'm not impressed.

As for her empathy...?

I dare her to use it.

<------------ Martian Manhunter tries to use telepathy on Adam. Just touching his mind is agonizing for the world's most powerful telepath, and he specifically remarks on how powerful Adam's mind is before Adam fries him.

Bleez, a mid-tier Red Lantern and nowhere near as powerful as Atros, is able to resist the power of a telepath had been controlling entire legions of Green Lanterns. ---------->

On top of that, Etrigan is among the foulest of demons, and Lobo is... well, he's fraggin' Lobo. I have a feeling that even trying to touch the minds, thoughts, or feelings of anyone on the Slaughter League will lead to Empatech's already pathetically-slow ass dropping what he's doing to rub his temples and groan -- and for his trouble, he's going to earn a Shazam bolt to the face.

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@joygirl: Once again, I never said "BA likes the struggle", you can search that on my post but you won´t find those words on it. What I said was: his way of fighting is more like striking the enemy than blitzing them. Talking about that, can you prove that Black Adam used the "speedblitzing" method more often? Or this is your only way out to try to defeat my awesome character? :P

Okay so at this point it´s pretty clear that you know JACK SQUAT about Mr. Majestic, otherwise you would never say I´ve "made that up" about him being superior to Black Adam in almost every single aspect. Fortunately, I'm here to bring the enlightenment.

Mr. Majestic

According to Comic Vine:

Mr. Majestic is the WildStorm universe's "Superman". He is an alien warrior who has lived on Earth for centuries, often fighting alongside others of his race (as well as humans) against the Daemonites.

Notable Feats

A description of what Mr. Majestic can do, doesn't show what he has done. This section provides just a few examples of Majestic's abilities.


During issue #1 of Mr. Majestic, he moves around the solar system and performs a variety of feats. Aside from moving around planets, Majestic uses his eye-beams to change the chemical composition of Jupiter, catches a comet and adds it as another planet to the solar system, and spends weeks in the center of the sun. Before he leaves he does something involving ancient rituals and secret equations to become one with the cosmos. It only takes moment, but in that time he’s able to alter reality to create a brand new sun.

After a ship the size of a mountain crashes on Earth, he picks it up and flies it to Pluto in under two hours. Majestic moved a literal mountain-sized object at multiples of light speed.


In the same issue( Majestic #1: Cosmology) he flies (under his own power) out of the Milky Way Galaxy and back to Earth in less than a year, which puts him somewhere around a few thousand times faster than light.

He also traveled from Earth to Saturn in less time than it took one of his enemies to utter a sentence.

At one point, Majestic is transported to the DC Universe. In Metropolis, he flies into a diner for some coffee and realizes he has no money. To pay for his drink, he crushes a pencil into diamonds.

Flying to the sun in seconds


In Savant Garde, Majestic and Savant are sent to an Earth heavy in magic users. He shows some major magical resistance here, ignoring powerful magical blasts being thrown at him. He even gets turned to stone and has turned himself back to normal by the next page.


When Majestic and the WildC.A.T.s were being attacked by a shape-shifting building, he scans it on a molecular level and decides he needs to go build something. On the very next page, he's returned. He's researched and built a brand new piece of technology almost instantly.

When attacked by an upgraded Eradicator later on(while he's in the DC Universe) Majestic uses his laser vision to manipulate photons in order to reprogram Eradicator in mere moments. In addition to super strength, super speed, super intelligence, multi-purpose laser vision, and energy/matter manipulation powers,

Enhances Senses/Vision Powers

Majestic also has super senses. He uses his eyesight to detect the radiation of an active nuclear warhead. When sent to the DCU, he smells the difference between dimensions. He also uses his sense of smell to detect the difference in the atomic structure of matter and also measure the disturbance in causality and the way time flows. That’s four dimensional senses. He is also able to see the Kirlian auras (life force) of the people around him. One of the greatest examples of his durability was when he stood at the center of an explosion that destroyed Earth and orbiting matter (the moon), and survived.

What People Are Saying About Mr. Majestic?

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning:

"Majestic is anything but a Superman knockoff. He's a principled, skilled, sometimes ruthless warrior, a champion of his world, an explorer, an inventor, and an outsider to the human race rather than an adopted son."

Neil Googe:

"He has all of Superman's abilities....strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, heat vision etc, but...he has the intelligence of Reed Richards and the attitude and fighting ability of Batman. All in all he's one serious bad ass."

So how about Mr. Majestic vs Black Adam?


Quite a few of these threads. I still say Majestic. Pretty sure he's better in all areas and a more skill fighter. He also doesn't suffer from the weakness to magic that gives Supes a hard time when he goes up against Shazam-babies. He's also better armed (even without the creation blades).

Majestros vs Eradicator:

Majestros vs DC heroes (including Eradicator)

Majestros vs Cap. Atom

So going by feats Mr. Majestic stomps Black Adam!!,


Spartan possess enough Combat/Reaction speed to fight Mr. Majestic..

Next post I´ll bring the REAL Meggan Power!!

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@joygirl: Continuing..

So considering Meggan powers, Empatech can:

Control the 4 elements:

He can also become said elements:

So that´s another answer for Black Adam´s speedblitzing..

Has special perceptions that see the world as lifeforce/energy:

Innate awareness of surroundings:

So considering that with those powers Empatech is capable of absorbing the energy of the Earth, you imagine the level of energy he can tap into his attacks..

Here is an example:

Meggan hold the fire -- basically the lifeforce – of a planet within her to bring her teammates back to life:

Also, using her metamorphic powers, Empatech can mimic the powers of the Slaughter League, since she was able to mimic the power of Juggernaut:

Also, about the "Shazam Bolt" (magic based), you will be just boosting him even further, considering that he can absorb that energy through Meggan Powers and Kang´s Armor:

Meggan dealing with the power cosmic

Kang´s armor absorbing energy attacks to recover:

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@higorm: I have a quick question.

Since Spartan is a robot, is he able to eat?

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@joygirl: He is able to eat but he doesn´t needs to..

  • Bio-Android Body: As a bio-synthetic humanoid, Spartan has been upgraded several times. Spartan is made from highly advanced Kherubim technology and is possibly one of the most sophisticated machines in the universe.

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@higorm: That doesn't say he can eat. Scans of him eating?

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@joygirl: LOL, won´t wast my time on that, sorry, make your move girl :P

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@higorm: This... is... my move. :3

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@higorm: You still haven't proven Spartan can eat yet. That's crucial.

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@joygirl: you want me to give you ammo so you can use against myself?

I won´t prove he can or cannot eat, that´s up to you :)

Show me how and why this is relevant here..

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@higorm: Proving it isn't my problem, since if it can't be proven that he CAN eat it should be obvious that, as a robot, he cannot.

So, either you prove that he can eat, or Empatech goes braindead. :D

Amadeus' brain needs sugar to operate at that high of a level, however, so he requires candy and junk food to fuel his intelligence.

So, unless Empatech can eat, and therefore supply his HUMAN brain with the sugar it requires to function, then your character becomes disabled out of implausibility. ^_^

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@joygirl: HA!

Very perceptive of you..


Amadeus Cho needs to feed his brain after "hardcore brainwork". It´s not like he needs to eat a candy bar every minute. He has a hypermind, which is basically a computer that evaluates every possible action and consequence and determines which is most advantageous to him. His brain just needs junk food after operating at the highest level.

Also, I don´t think that´s gonna be an issue since his mind is inside a Bio-Android Body, and we are talking about the 7th smartest person on the planet! With access to 2 different alien tech far greater than anything ever seen on Earth so far. I highly doubt that this would be a problem for him, after all, he can more than think about a way to avoid this "weakness"

In top of all that he can always use Meggan powers to absorb all the necessary energy he needs..

Nice try, but no..

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@higorm: Ah well, I concede then. That was the ace up my sleeve. I don't have anything left, anything I can do besides "smash" is countered and smashing won't be enough. Good game.

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@higorm: Ah well, I concede then. That was the ace up my sleeve. I don't have anything left, anything I can do besides "smash" is countered and smashing won't be enough. Good game.

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@joygirl: Oh really? Okay then, thanks for the oportunity, good game indeed!