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I bring you...tonight's entertainment!

Joygirl vs Joewell

Joygirl is playing Harley Quinn.

Joewell is playing Ty Lee, Sokka, and Blue Spirit.

The battle takes place here!

Joygirl/Joewell start at opposing ends of the center platform.

Prep? 8 hours for both sides. They may gather stuff, mess with the arena, do the Harley Shake, or whatever. But there's a No Gun Rule! (popguns allowed).

  • 8 Hours Prep
  • In-Character
  • Fight to the DEATH! or knockout.
  • BEGIN!!!

This battle is sponsored by,

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Boomerang solos

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Go Blue Spirit!

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@jokergeist: @joygirlMy info post will be up soon and i think we said no messing with the arena in the CaV thread

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Whoa I wanna see this good luck too you both

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@joewell: Really? I'm pretty sure you agreed. Not sure.

Joewell: can we mess with the arena?

Joygirl: Up to you but for your sake I wouldn't recommend it, since Harley is a skilled demolitionist.

Joewell: Ok.

—Taken from CaV thread
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Opening argument! -- HARLEY SMASH.

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Well... I'm really torn... Rip Torn.... i'm gonna go drink now....

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So, first off, let me introduce my characters. They are all warriors from the Avatar universe that have no powers ( besides Zuko/Blue Spirit who won't be using bending here ) and rely on skill to keep up with the benders of their universe.

First up


Sokka is a Southern Water Tribe warrior that has been trained since very young to fight ( even though he wasn't very good until recently ). He has been trained by the best Swordsman of his universe and ended up even stalemating him. Along with his sword skill he is also is a genius strategist and is a very quick thinker.

Gear For This Match:

Today Sokka will be armed with....

His Meteorite Sword: A Black Sword made from, you guessed it! Meteorite! He forged this weapon himself and is very proficient in using it. It has also been shown to cut through over a foot of solid steel with ease.

His Boomerang: His trusty Boomerang is his most used weapon and he is also a master in using this. He is precise enough to hit targets while unable to see them in a specific area on there face. And it has been shown to be strong enough to knock over fully grown soldiers in suits of armor.

Many Fire Bombs: Created by the Mechanist and used by Sokka during the battle at the eclipse, these bombs are powerful enough to destroy battlements with only 1 or 2.

Water Tribe Wolf Armor: Sokka's battle armor....

Ty Lee:

Ty Lee is a Chi Blocker from the Avatar world who is an expert acrobat. With her Chi-Blocking and Acrobatics she has been able to take on entire groups of benders along with other very skilled opponents. Along with Chi Blocking she has also trained with the Kyoshi Warriors after the war.


Kyoshi Warrior Gear: This includes Steel Fans and Kyoshi Warrior Armor

The Blue Spirit ( Or Zuko ):

Zuko uses the identity The Blue Spirit when trying to hide his real identity. He has trained with the same swordsman as Sokka and uses dual Doa blades in combat. He, even without firebending is a fierce opponent and can hold his own against skilled swordsmen and Benders alike.


Dual Doa Blades: A pair of swords used by Zuko when he can't use fire bending




Start at 18:30 to 21:50

  • Dodges a unsuspected sword slice to the face from close up
  • Fights his master Piandao. A guy who has literally never lost a battle, Fought in a war and got bored so he quit to learn more, traveled around the world and learnt all the best fighting techniques, came back to the Fire Nation to be attacked by an army of around 100 firebenders, and he defeated them all. Then with some other old people ( okay, like the best benders, but still ) he helped take down Super Enhanced Fire Nation Soldiers. And Sokka held his own against him.


18:00 to 19:15

  • Sokka kills Combustion Man ( A guy who shoots explosions from his brain )with his Boomerang from behind cover


  • 18:30 to 18:40 Disarms a soldier and steals her ride in seconds
  • 19:10 to 19:55 Takes down a battlement with 2 grenade/fire bombs and cuts through the crossbow thingys with ease

Sokka's a master swordsman with great aim. I'm sure he can at least stalemate Harley for a bit by himself. But he's not alone here.

Ty Lee:

Loading Video...

First few seconds is her Soloing the Terra Squad with ease in seconds ( and these guys are master earthbending soldiers here )

  • Some acrobatic feats, nothing special
  • Defeating Sokka ( before Sokka had training )
  • Acrobatics
  • Dodging Katara's attacks with ease
  • Sneaking up and taking out Azula
  • Takes out Katara in one hit
  • Fights and defeats a Kyoshi Warrior ( An Elite group of female warriors started by the Avatar )
  • Fights Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors
  • Fights Sokka playfully
  • Takes down Katara
  • Takes down a group in seconds

As you can see she's very acrobatic and will be great for attacking from behind


Loading Video...
  • Zuko easily sneaking past guards, not really useful here
  • Cuts through Aangs chains and frees him
  • Takes on a group of Guards
  • Muggings and Capturings
Loading Video...

Sorry bout the music

  • Takes on a group of earth nation soldiers
  • Fights the leader, deflects rocks ( going at around arrow speeds ) and tanks them
Loading Video...
  • Fights evenly with Jet, a rebel non-bender who has taking Aang in a fight ( along with lots of random soldiers )

As you can see Zuko is a pretty great swordsman too. He'll definitely be able to cause some problems for Harley, especially combined with the others.

More will be brought up if needed but for now this should lay most of my feats out


To be edited in later

( also, sorry if there grammer errors and stuff its just that I'm doing this at 3am in the morning and I'm really tired )

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I'm really tired tonight... tomorrow I'll whip up a post as to why Harley stomps.

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@joygirl: Very convincing.

My full with feats and stuff should be up in 30-40 mins ( Video's are reeealy slow for me )

Really? I'm pretty sure you agreed. Not sure.

Joewell: can we mess with the arena?

Joygirl: Up to you but for your sake I wouldn't recommend it, since Harley is a skilled demolitionist.

Joewell: Ok.

—Taken from CaV thread

She said she wouldn't recommend it and i agreed with that. But reading back over it it was really unclear, sorry.

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@joewell: Alrighty. I edited the rules :)

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Edited Feats!

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@joewell: Idk, Joygirl's opening argument was pretty convincing. "HARLEY SMASH." is a pretty compelling argument.

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@joewell: Son, you don't have any clue who you're messin' with. ^_^ I made the friggin' respect thread for Harley, I know every badass thing she's ever done and she's gonna squash these three kids like bugs -- especially since, I assume, getting knocked off the edge of that arena results in a loss.

I mean, honestly, we are talking about the same Harley right? The girl who was on the cover of Justice Magazine?


With time to prep, Harley is gonna bring piles and piles and piles of toys. I already gave up firearms AND sacrificed the easy-win by promising not to use Joker Venom. However, she WILL be bringing....

- Her trusty Mallet! She is powerful enough with this to smash in the head of a Black Lantern.

- Poprock flash bombs -- the kind that do this to a new god.

- Her Popgun. Note that that she is fast enough to draw the popgun with loaded firearms pointed at her and Jimmy, and the rubber bullet is powerful enough to push Jimmy out of the line of fire. It also bounces like a motherf***er, though she is able to easily avoid it.

- A pack of explosive chewing gum.

- 3 cupcake grenades

- A full set of shurikens and kunai (which, surprise surprise, she is actually a master with, able to kill multiple people with guns in a dark crowded room, while tied to a chair). [scan][scan]

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@joygirl said:

especially since, I assume, getting knocked off the edge of that arena results in a loss.

Uhh, no. Combatants are allowed to move anywhere: on arena, off arena, under arena, above arena, it's a free country!

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@jokergeist: Dammit don't ruin this. :( You're ruining my strategies.

#19 Posted by Jokergeist (4715 posts) - - Show Bio

@joygirl: You're gonna need to bribe/convince me to change my mind. ^-^

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@jokergeist: Look at how far down it is. :( I want a ring-out option...

Oh well. I'll just knock them off anyway and then throw bombs at them.

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@joygirl: Just to point out that Black Lanterns and New Gods by default do not automatically have enhanced stats with many being little better than most mooks, for instance one of the Rogues was able to keep a Black Lantern in a small pit in the ground and Amanda Waller the short fat woman gave Granny Goodness a broken nose.

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@dextersinister: This one got eaten by a gigantic one of Ivy's plants and managed to break out. So it was not mook-level.

#23 Posted by Joygirl (20856 posts) - - Show Bio
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@joygirl: The Black Lanterns all have very good regeneration so simply hitting one is the equivalent of just hitting a mook as they where beaten on mass by street levelers throughout blackest night but just kept coming back. All that really mattered was who the Black Lantern was originally, if it was a decent named character then the feat is better.

I thought you where referring to the fight with the furies.

#25 Posted by Joygirl (20856 posts) - - Show Bio

@dextersinister: It was Black Mask/Roman Sionis. And yeah, she never actually hurt the Furies, she just manipulated them into fighting each other and eventually escaped. That comic had some great feats in it, it's a shame the art looked like it was done by a 10-year-old.

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Team avatar stomps, and I mean like brutal curbstomps Harley.

#27 Posted by Joygirl (20856 posts) - - Show Bio

@ostyo: lolololololololololol

You guys never stop being funny.

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@joygirl: Pffft, please. These "kids" are some of the best fighters in their universe.

You gear is okay, but nothing my team can't handle.

The Mallet is big and avoidable, Sokka or Zuko could both just cut it in half

The sparkle bombs are dodgeable too, and as shown all my team have arrow + reactions

Popgun won't do to much damage even if it does hit

The explosive won't be of to much concern considering Zuko has survived being in a exploding ship and Sokka can outrun Combustion Mans explosions. And Ty Lee is faster than them both

Loading Video...

2:30 Sokka outruns and already fired explosion blast

As for the throwing knives, Ty Lee has dodged Katara's attacks ( above ) , Zuko has reacted to and re-directed lightning and deflected earthbenders attacks,

Loading Video...

2:30 to 3:20

And Sokka has dodged close up sword surprize strikes

So yeah, nothing she has should be too much of a problem

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@joewell: Whew... okay, now I'm scared. "None of that stuff will work." Yeesh. If I had known you could come up with a debate like that I would have conceded right off the bat.

They have arrow feats? Harley has trigger-finger and bullet-timing feats.

The problem with the Avatar fighters is that it isn't BIG enough. There are only so many people, not enough to build up a hierarchy of who's-badder-ass. They either fight mooks (yes, yes, I know, there's the best mooks ever, highly skilled, blah blah blah, they're still mooks), people who can also beat mooks, or at their very best, benders. Now I haven't seen a lot of Avatar but I DID see all of Legend of Korra and benders are just... not that tough. From what I've seen their missiles move relatively slowly and not with a great deal of impact. Even highly-skilled competitive benders are able to absorb the force from most attacks with basic padded body armor, if they don't dodge them outright. And if normal teens who have basic martial arts skill and no enhanced physical stats can dodge them, Harley can dodge them.

Harley isn't going to be sitting still. She's one of the most mobile and acrobatic street-levelers (if not the most so) in DC comics, and she excels against groups.

The popgun won't do much damage? Where did you miss when it sent Jimmy Olsen flying? That arena isn't particularly big -- if if sends one of those kids flying over the side, not only is it gonna hurt like a b!tch, that's one less person for Harley to take on at once while she waits for them to climb back up. She's stronger, she's faster, she's more unpredictable, she's smarter, and she's better equipped.

And the very first person to go over the edge is going to be Sokka, after she tosses her sparkle-bombs at Ty Lee and proceeds to do this:

Then Sokka goes over the edge, and it's down to two.

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@joygirl: Yay, I've impressed someone!

They're not gonna be using many long range attacks here anyways, so thats fine with me. And in the Bending arena in LoK you can't give it your all, benders that my people fought could. Attacks hit hard enough to KO people in 1 or 2 hits and fast enough to deflect thrown knives, arrows, explosions, and many other attacks.

And your not even fighting benders here, I never said she couldn't dodge Bending attacks. Sooo what?

But again it can be knocked out of the air. In my second Zuko video he stops a barrage of earth missiles with his sword, so a rubber bullet should not be a problem. And the arena is pretty big, a good 200 feet

I think you're forgetting we start on opposite sides, thats at least 100 feet ( I'm thinking more ). It will take time to run up to our team. And when she try's to jump on Sokka what's stopping him from lifting his sword and slicing her out the air? Or throwing some bombs before she even gets there?

The sparkle bomb will be easy to dodge by Ty Lee. Like i said she's faster than both her other teammates and has dodged Katara's bending up close.

But with my strategy Harley won't even get close.

The Game Plan:

Basicly, Sokka will first throw a good 5-10 bombs Harleys way, causing a huuge distraction and possible killing her. While this is happening Ty Lee will jump to the sidelines and run over to behind Harley. If Harley survives the bomb attack both Zuko and Sokka will charge her and get up close. She won't have time to throw any projectiles because she'll most likely be recovering from the bomb attack and will already be halfway across the arena. Then by the time she does she'll have both Zuko and Sokka attacking up close. The Mallet will be broken, and the rest she won't have time to use. So if she can somehow hold off 2 swords masters while disoriented, Ty Lee will come up from behind and hit her with a few hits in the back, KOing her.

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@joewell: I dooooon't think so.

You forget that Harley has grenades as well... and she has an excellent arm on her. Consider, if you will, that she is able to easily toss a grown man (Joker) several stories straight up. ---------->

So chances are pretty good that she'll toss her grenades a really good distance right off the bat -- this won't just be the avatar team enacting all of their plans flawlessly while Harley sits and does this. <--------------

She'll toss her own grenades, shoot off the popgun, and start bouncing around like the inhumanly fast maniac that she is. You think she's afraid of bombs? Harley got fired into the atmosphere inside of a rocket ship. And she survived the crash. She's also been, I quote, "flattened" by carnival equipment, shot, kicked, drowned, and everything in between. You're underestimating every single aspect of this character, from her strength, to her speed, to her skill, to her durability. The likelihood of Ty Lee sneaking up behind her and doing anything is very, very low.

You may not know this, but we're talking about the girl who, wearing heavy metal armor and in the ocean, managed to behead a giant shark with a spear.

The Game Plan:

Dodge Sokka's bombs, tossing grenades of her own while simultaneously flipping towards the other side of the arena (and yeah, she can do flips and aim at the same time). Toss sparkle bombs at Ty Lee when she gets close, follow with a few quick kicks, shoot her popgun at Zuko (forcing him to, at the very least, take evasive action). She then pounces Sokka, smooches his dorky ass, slips a grenade into his pocket and shoves him over the edge (bye Sokka). Then she can handle the other two a bit more comfortably by splattering them with her hammer.

And seriously, cutting the hammer in half is absolutely ridiculous. Try chopping normal pieces of wood sometime, with an axe, while it's sitting still. Then you'll realize how using a sword to cut through a gigantic mallet that's aimed at your face is never, ever going to happen.

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Here's a quick battle map i drew :P

Pink = Ty Lee, Red = Zuko, Blue = Sokka, Black = Harley, Orange = Explosion from Fire bombs, Red X = battle site

The second the match starts Sokka will throw the grenades and Ty Lee will follow the pink path. And if Harley manages to survive the grenade attack she'll instantly be met by Zuko and Sokka. And if necessary Ty Lee will sneak up from behind and chi bock her while fighting the Boys.

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@joygirl: Battle map thing came before your post, I'm reading and my counter will be up in a min

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I've already shown how grenades will be avoided by my team, and can you show me how big the blast radius of those things are?

So she will try to tank our grenades? Can you show me some of this please? Because 2 of these bombs were blowing apart metal battlements the size of small houses. Can you imagine how much damage 10 will do? And I'm not trying to underestimate her, I'm just not an expert on her so basicly all my knowledge comes from what you provide

Game Plan Rebuttal:

Ok, so she will be dodging the grenades that destroys half of the arena? I'm not so sure. Sokka and Zuko will dodge the bombs and Ty Lee will already be on the sidelines halfway to the other side. Ty Lee will only be attacking from behind when she's fighting Zuko and Sokka up close. As said Zuko will deflect the rubber bullet and keep attacking.

If she trys pouncing Sokka he'll slice her out of the air, as seen in the first Sokka vid he is definitely fast enough to do this. If she tries a hit with the mallet he'll either dodge or cut the mallet in half. And so will Zuko.

Also, the other 2 aren't non-factors here. Ty Lee can dodge any close range attack Harley throws out but I'm yet to see how she will counter Chi blocking while dealing with the other two and Hammer-less.

I've shown that both swordsmen have cut through steel with ease ( Sokka cut through the steel battlements and spears and Zuko cut through Aangs chains ) so why would wood be any harder?

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@joygirl Your posts are reminding me of why I have a crush on Harley :) exceptional work. By the way, is that suggestive picture of her from anything?

#39 Posted by joewell (11749 posts) - - Show Bio
#40 Posted by Joygirl (20856 posts) - - Show Bio


That's how Harley dealt with crashing from the atmosphere to Gotham in a rocket that she was inside of. If you're really of the opinion that the bombs will do more damage than that, then this was a mismatch. And Harley doesn't even have any visible wounds, just ripped clothes.

Speaking of those bombs, if they are destroying the entire arena then WHY GOD WHY is Ty Lee trying to sneak around from behind, through the bombed/destroyed area? From the sound of those tactics, this team will kill each other for me and Harley can go get a milkshake while she waits for their horrible horrible strategies to get them all killed. So, either that strategy is hilariously suicidal, or the actual amount of the arena that gets destroyed won't be all that big. Sokka also has to throw each bomb one at a time, allowing Harley time to dodge that individual bomb and get out of the way (the ones she doesn't hit with her mallet and send back at him).

A lot of your arguments are relying on the fact that your warriors are as fast as Harley, which is still not true. I'm not going to accept that they "just dodge the sparkles", "just dodge the popgun", or "just cut her hammer in half" until you can actually show me that they're fast enough to in any way counter someone who dodges bullets and can evade groups of sub-Superman level characters (the Female Furies).

@juiceboks: I assume so but I can't find it/have never read it. Which actually kind of enrages me.

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@joygirl: Funny and right, damn I 'm awesome!

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Maybe they won't be able to do more but they will be able at least knock her down and injure her. I mean these are bombs that destroyed steel battlements with 2, and this is 10 of them all coming at the same time, and they explode on impact. Also has she ever done something like that again?

There not, only half. And Ty Lee will not be attacking til after the bombs go off, until then she'll be in the stands away from the explosion. Why does he have to throw them 1 by 1? He was throwing 2 at a time in the scene I posted and there small so i'm sure he can throw more. Also, the bombs explode on contact so hitting them back will not be an option.

Just because she can dodge something doesn't mean she or her weapons move as fast as them. I've backup all my statements with video's in my first/second post. In Sokka's fight with Piando he shows he can react very fast in combat. In Zuko's fight with Jet he evades all his attacks and comes out on top and in the Azula vs Zuko can catch enhanced lightning being fired at another person. In Ty Lee's whole video where she's dodging attacks with ease the whole time. I mean its not like Harley is gonna speedblitz them. You are the one who hasn't shown Harley being able to combat with 3 other skilled fighters ( and not brutes that tank hits, other fighters just as skilled as her ) while injured and without her Hammer.

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@joewell: You know, I'm so happy you decided to ask to see Harley doing combat with three other skilled fighters while without her hammer. It's funny, actually, since:

Harley without any equipment solos Cassandra Cain, Tim Drake, and later, Dick Grayson. That segues into a short chase scene and she eventually escapes unharmed.

Note: She is disguised in a Batgirl costume.

#44 Posted by joewell (11749 posts) - - Show Bio

@joygirl said:

@joewell: You know, I'm so happy you decided to ask to see Harley doing combat with three other skilled fighters while without her hammer. It's funny, actually, since:

Harley without any equipment solos Cassandra Cain, Tim Drake, and later, Dick Grayson. That segues into a short chase scene and she eventually escapes unharmed.

Note: She is disguised in a Batgirl costume.

Me = Schooled.

But she in no way soloed them, she barely held her own. And none of them were using Blade and 1 hit ko attacks. If she isn't gonna be taking the hits from Sokka or Zuko's swords like she did Drakes staff. And she also wasn't half dead from a bunch of grenades coming at her

#45 Edited by Joygirl (20856 posts) - - Show Bio

@joewell: She also isn't equipped with all of the basic gear she excels in using. ^_^ And I already showed you why the grenades won't work. She survived a rocket crash, has survived being "flattened" by falling machinery (according to one of Joker's henchmen), has survived gunshot wounds (and actually healed over the second the bullet was removed), has blocked Batman's punches with an open palm, etc. Not to mention that she is going to be fast and acrobatic enough to escape the majority of damage. Oh, and by the way, if you were curious as to whether or not she can blitz people who are skilled fighters:

(Note: If you try to argue that Joker is not a skilled and agile fighter I'll end up having to direct you to another ongoing debate of mine, and you'll see that you're dead wrong.)

#46 Posted by joewell (11749 posts) - - Show Bio


Kidding, kidding. But I still wouldn't say he's as skilled or fast as my group. And he didn't wield a 3 foot longish blade.

All thats pretty impressive.

Like i said the bombs will do some damage, i mean come on now. And close up I just don't see her winning against 3 people that could finish her with 1 lucky shot and keep up with her. But its really up to the voters to decide and I think I'm ready to call them in. Are you?

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@joewell: Quite ready. ^_^ We'll have to wait for Jokergeist to change the OP, but--


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As of the latest Suicide Squad issue, I would say that Harley autowins, haha.

But I'll read the thread over when I get home and vote based on that.

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@joewell im giving this to team avatar. they should take this