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In this corner dress in black, the Dark Lord, the Chosen One, the man who we all love because of his gritty voice, the one and only DARTH VADER!

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In this Corner, the Champion of Khorn, The World Eater himself, Blood for the Blood God and Skulls for the Skull Throne, the one and only KHARN theeeee BETRAYEEEEEER!

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This will be a holds no bar match to the death. A Classic Star Wars vs Warhammer 40K. Two men shall enter, one man leaves!

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So without further adoo....

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Wot an encounter :)

@cadencev2 Does Kharn have his full gear for this encounter?

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@cadencev2: Be prepared, I want be holding anything back this thread will turn into a Darth Vader respect thread. Kharn is going down! No matter the cost because.......

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dccomics is going to have one hell of an up hill battle here. Good luck to you both.

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So without further adoo....

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I've seen Michael Buffer live, just sayin'

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@i_like_swords: Cools.

@dccomicsrule2011: Also looking forward to seeing this respect thread that your gonna be putting lol, been waiting to see a DV respect thread on the Vine, a proper one.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:

@cadencev2: Be prepared, I want be holding anything back this thread will turn into a Darth Vader respect thread. Kharn is going down! No matter the cost because.......

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@cadencev2: So..... You want to go first or should I?

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@cadencev2: I do and I plan on bringing the pain! >=D

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/has popcorn ready!

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@aonosawada: Lets see. Darth Vader vs Kharn. I feel bad for Vader. I feel real bad for Vader.

Lets start with Space Marine Abilities and Stats.

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Being a Space Marine is to become the top tier street Level Bad@$$ in a Galaxy filled with World Destroying Deamons, Solar System army Orks Hordes, and Dr. Who level Necrons! Space Marine are the last line against the worst.

Space Marines are super humans implanted with all these organs that grant all kinds of abilities. Abilities like Steel Bones, Strength, Endurance, Immunity to Poisons, Breath Under Water, Super Human Senses, Healing Factor, Cannot die from Age, ect. They also receive a major Psycho Indoctrination to grant combat genius as well a degree of Psy Protection.

So what are the stats of a Marine?

Strength wise they start around 3 tons. With Power Armour that grants a percentage increase they have around 4-5 ton strength.

As seen they are insane strong. Stronger than Vader.

How about that fame Durability?

Ass seen in the Novels Space Marines Durability and Power Armour grant them tank like Durability. They are Walking, Flipping, Close Combat Tanks!

Space Ship crashes from Orbit Space Battle onto the surface, tons of wreckage everywhere, Space Marine is fine. Seriously.

How about Speed? This is the core argument! Space Marines insane fast. Even in games they have Slo Mo gameplay to represent it as best they can. The Novels are better.

Micro Second Reaction Time!

Blitzing Eldar! Eldar are so fast that the Human Eye barely sees them. Yet Space Marines can blitz them!

Two examples of Mach 2 Bolts being easily reacted to and slap from the air!

More examples of moving faster than the human eye can see, fighting battles in a fraction of a second, ect.....

Why is this important? Well mainly because Kharn is actually way faster than those Space Marine feats above! Kharn has and defeated 10-20 Space Marines at the same time. The guy is that fast and good. He has Blitz his own World Eater Space Marines before they can react, World Eaters are Close Combat specialist and have 1000s of years of combat experience doing what they do best!

I cannot harp enough how awesome a single average space Marine is. Look at Raclaw. From Start to finish!

The life of Raclaw. A Space Marine of the Black Templar Chapter.

As seen from the best of a whole Planet Raclaw was singled out. He showed great skill as a mere teenager. (All Space Marines must be in their teens for any hope of the Gene-seed taking root.)

Then he was implanted with half the Organs needed to become a Scout. (Note again. In 90% Space Marine Chapters Scouts are Space Marines in Training. However in the Black Templar Chapter Scouts are called Neophytes and when become worthy of being a space Marine become Initiates)

His first lesson from his Space Marine Mentor was a brutal one.

Raclaw fresh with his Organ Implants and in serious pain battles a possible recruit gone wrong. This Beast is Marine itself in stats with Berserk fury.

Raclaw in his first battle. They face Orks. What makes this great is he fight the toughest Orks in the galaxy, the Nobz, to save a fellow Marine. Such skill and prestige in his first battle.

Here Raclaw chops thru hordes of Cultist and monologues his training.

This is just a Marine in Training. Once Raclaw becomes a Marine he accomplishes much more as a Sword Brethren.

As a Sword Brethren he lead a battle against Necrons. Think T-800 Terminators with T-1000 Liquid Metal Healing. Then equip this Super Terminator with Molecule Destroying Blasters. Necron.

Gerhart (Raclaw) leads the attack on Chaos Forces of this planet. He not only fights cultist but Chaos Marines themselves! He even uncovers what plan the enemy had for that world.

Finally Gerhart (Raclaw) plans the final attack to waste the Enemy. What makes this a big deal is the enemy Gerhart fights is non other than the infamous Thousand Sons, the Psychic Chaos Space Marines from the Horus Heresy!

This is the average 100+ year lifespan of a average Space Marine Veteran. Your probably saying so what, why is that important to know for Kharn. Kharn eats guys like Raclaw by the hundreds in any given single Battle.

He is capable of this thanks to his raw stats and skill. In game terms his stats are way higher than a Space Marine in strength and Speed. Meaning he is stronger and faster. This shows in Novels as well Short Stories with Kharn in it.

This is a opener to help relate to Kharn via the Space Marine he once was to the Chaos Marine he is now as I will post later.

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@cadencev2: Oh damn.... right now I'm making a huge opening post (I'm using another window) I should have it up in another hour maybe.... This post is MONSTER.

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This is going to be great!

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@cadencev2: Okay let get this party started!

First of I love when people say Darth Vader is slow and he can't move (not referring to you or anything, just in general) That is far from the truth. Vader is very fast indeed and I will prove that now.


Vader has several notable speed feats

Here he reacts to a turret emplacement and blocks it with his lightsaber:

Here Vader reflects/dodges several blaster bolts fired by multiple troopers on several occasions:

Various examples of Vader creating afterimages/blurring motion/blurring trails of light with his lightsaber:

He has moved so fast he seemed to teleported:

Showing great jumping and sprinting speed:

Shryne fired a quick burst, then sprinted for the doorway. Behind him, his humanoid accomplices were also in motion, stunning the guards to unconsciousness and racing for the open gate.

Angling his blade, Vader deflected the bolts with intent, but by jinking and jagging Shryne managed to evade each parry. Vader leapt, his powerful prosthetic legs carrying him to the top of a broad but short flight of steps in time to see Shryne sprint across the bridge at Jedi speed, motioning to his accomplices to move Zar through the gate.

Vader leapt again, this time to the bridge, and to within only a few meters of Shryne, who spun about, dropping to one knee and firing repeatedly. This time Vader decided to show Shryne whom he was dealing with. Holding his lightsaber to one side, he raised his right hand to turn the blaster bolts.

Clearly astonished, Shryne remained on one knee, but only briefly. In an instant he had passed through the gate and was shouldering his way through the crowd outside the wall.

Vader's final leap landed him just short of the rampart. Over the heads of the milling beings, at the forward edge of a landing platform, a woman with gray-laced black hair was gesturing frantically to Shryne and his cohorts, who were already hauling Fang Zar up the platform steps.

--Taken from Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Killed Ferus Olin before he could even react:

"He is a former associate, yes, but --"

It happened before he could get out another word. Faster than an eyeblink. Faster than he'd seen anyone move, anyone except Yoda.

The lightsaber hadn't been there, and then it was, and the lightsaber was a blur. Vader moved without seeming to move, and the lightsaber sliced into Roan, straight into his chest. Straight into his heart.

-- Taken from Star Wars: Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon

It's worth noting the Orin is sporting super speed himself and he also has precognition + clairvoyance

He also has the speed to battle and defeat several Jedi simultaneously (who are all sporting peak human to superhuman speed, precognition and clairvoyance) :

Vader beats a Jedi while weaken

Vader takes on two Jedi simultaneously:

Again Vader shows great leaping prowess:

And people say Vader can't move.....

People who pick on Vader's mobility have no idea what they are talking about (again not referring to you just saying in general.)

That's all I have for speed of of right now.


Vader is very powerful in terms when it comes telekinesis he has feats that put him in the 20+ ton range easily he has casually lifted up Y-Wings (Y-Wings are over 15 meters long)

Vader has crushed robots the dwarf him in size:

Vader has crushed flying Tie fighters:

Blew a hole through a very thick fortress wall with ease:

Caused and Avalanche and blows through a durasteel door:

Vader pushes a man to a wall.......HARD

Makes create a big hole in a huge metal wall:

Destroys an entire room just because he's angry:

Casually lifts up a huge builder:

Collapse a ceiling very casually:

Vader has collapsed a cathedral:

How can anyone forget.........Tha Force Choke! >=P

Vader uses the Force choke multiple times:

Don Much

Vader can also use Don Much, which he can use strip others of there concentration during battle:

Vader uses the Force as he tempts Luke toward the dark side.

The wind picked up, and Vader's black cape rippled at his back. "Luke—you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny." He opened his left hand end held it out to Luke. "Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son."

His voice is so hypnotic,

Luke thought, and he felt part of him falling under Vader's spell.

--Taken from

A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker


Vader installs fear in others:

But the Force, of course, was quite real—and the black tentacles of its dark side had hardened Palpatine and his new pupil, Darth Vader, into evil incarnate. They shared its horrible energies, and used them to fill the minds of their subservient military minions with fear.

--Taken from the Technical Journal of the Imperial Forces

He drains knowledge from Luke's mind:

“Give yourself to the dark side, Luke,” he entreated. “It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you, son. Your feelings for them are strong, especially for—“ Vader stopped. He sensed something.

Luke withdrew further into shadow. He tried to hide, but there was no way to hide what was in his mind—Leia was in pain. Her agony cried to him now, and his spirit cried with her. He tried to shut it out, to shut it up, but the cry was loud, and he couldn't stifle it, couldn't leave it alone, had to cradle it openly, to give it solace. Vader's consciousness invaded that private place. “No!” screamed Luke.

Vader was incredulous. “Sister? Sister!” he bellowed. “Your feelings have now betrayed her, too... Twins!” he roared triumphantly. “Obi-Wan was wise to hide her, but now his failure is complete.”

--Taken from Return of the Jedi

Uses the Mind trick

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@cadencev2: Wait don't reply yet I clicked post by accident I still have much more to add =P

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@aonosawada: I read most of your argument but stopped at TK, Telepathy, ect. I will tell you why. Your gonna hate this... Kharn is immune to Magic, Psy, and Reality Warping in general.

Immune to it. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars :) Thanks to both the Collar of Khorn and Blessings of the Blood God.

Summed up this is Kharn's immunity to anything Super Natural. The Warp is a Supernatural Reality Warping Energy of Souls. It grants Psychic powers, Sorcery, Reality Warping, and Divine like powers. Kharns special power is negating all that. He forces you to fight him hand to hand. Now you can use say TP or TK on something other than Kharn, this power only relates to unable to touch Kharn himself.

Kharn has another amazing ability, he gets even faster and stronger when Blood Franzy or Raging.

Kharn Rage and Blood Frenzy is so great his very presence turns others into foaming at the mouth beserkers!

Add to this Kharn's blessings in the form of Dark Glory and Sigil of Corruption. Sigil of Corruption was formerly called Chaos Armour in 3,5 edition which Kharn had.

Kharn has a Domino Luck Factor as well Force Field on him. It works in a way to bounce of all fatal blows to him. Add to this a daemonic Force Field equal to a Iron Halo (4+ in game terms) would make Kharn as durable as any Space Marine Captain.

Iron Halos are powerful too. They absorb the power of fortified bunker explosions at ground zero.

They allow Captain Titus here to tank falling from a explosions in the Atmosphere just fine.

These Shields work in the same way as they absorb attacks and drain with the attack damage. Once drain they must take 15 seconds to recharge. Chaos Sigils work the same way in the game Dawn of War 2 on Chaos Lords. So it is the same as Iron Halos.

Either way Kharn is a beast of beats. Lets look at his weapons. He carries his trademark Skull Plasma Pistol.

Plasma is insane heated gas. One shot on Vader and he is done.

Kahrn greatest weapon is Gorechild. Gore Child is a Daemon Weapon.

Power Weapons generate fields that cut through Matter. Making the densest armor like Adamantium butter. Yes 40K has Admantium in it lol.

Add to this look at Gore Child again. The last three sentences from Let the Galaxy Burn show as a Daemon Weapon it does indeed devour the souls of targets it hits as well! One hit and Vader's soul gets eaten!

I will wait to see what you add.

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@cadencev2: does Technopathy work on Kharn?

Nope he's not a robot and the power armor is fed directly into his nervous system. The only way to shut down power armor (not that there's much to shut down) is via telepathy with Khan its even less likely as its demonically possessed to any form of control would incur fighting the demon that inhabits his armor.

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When does voting start?

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@cadencev2: Hahaha not in a million years I just forgot about this that's all. Vader still has other tricks up his sleeves :P

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@betatesthighlander1 said:

@cadencev2: does Technopathy work on Kharn?

Nope he's not a robot and the power armor is fed directly into his nervous system. The only way to shut down power armor (not that there's much to shut down) is via telepathy with Khan its even less likely as its demonically possessed to any form of control would incur fighting the demon that inhabits his armor.

good to know