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Current Version with Holy Brass Knuckles.


First Age only version. Cannot use power to Heal!

Both have met each other (True story Bro) and have basic knowledge.

Battle to the Death or KO. Battle here with no Civilians.

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This should be good

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@cadencev2: Yeah, sorry had to get off last night. You want to start?

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@limpoyzloan: Alright, now it may seem Invincible is physical superior to Spawn. In truth, First Age Spawn is stats wise comparable.


1) Throws a Thousand tons of Building at Urizen.

2) Hold up the stomping foot of a 100+ meter tall Planet Wrecking God.


1) Spawn is dismembered and shows he can control severed body parts.

2) Spawn is Electrocuted by whips with many studs, each stud is 50,000 Volts. Spawn gets groggy but no totally out.

3) Spawn can waltz through Lava.

4-5) Spawn shot with a Anti Tank Round through his chest, he gets right back up.

6) Spawn proves by being rammed by a 50 MPH Car that he can increase his Durability to the point where this Car does not even budge him!


Spawn is also proven to reach Hyper Sonic Speeds. in himself and his Suit.

1) Spawn Chains reacts to 4 guys with Sub Machine Guns with no problems.

2) Spawns Cape moves faster than this Laser Beam! Near Light Speed!

3) Spawn moves so fast that he gathers over 11 Shotguns from the very Cops there and Cop Cars faster than Cops can see!

4) Spawn Suit moves so fast that it causes the very air to set fire from friction! Hyper Sonic+

5) Spawn himself moves faster than the human eye can see!

On top of this Spawn uses his Necro power in battle as well.


Holy Hell this will be long. Spawn has many many powers. Reason for this is his power source. Psychoplasma, or Necroplasma, is a Reality Warping Magic Energy used by Hell and Heaven. It's only limit on Reality Warping is the Energy Count to perform a feat.


Houdini Explain Spawns Magic and Suit.

Spawn can use this Necro for Magic or he can use the Suits abilities and natural powers to save energy.

Spawns Suit, Cape, and Chains

Now lets talk about Spawns Suit. It is a living entity used to clothed Hell Spawns. Made in the 5th level of Hell and gifted to the 8th Level for their soldiers.

It is a living being that can act and attack on its own.

Its main forms of attacks are Chain and Cape.

1) Chains can attack in a large AOE attacks.

2-3) Chains can turn into Razor Blades to slice and dice.

4) Chains have Massive Reach, Clearing 100s of feet with ease.

5) The Chains do act on their own, even with Spawn KOed.

6) Chains blocking Sub Machine Gun fire from 2 guys. Very fast.

7) Cape moving faster than a Laser Beam from Overtkill, also blocks it. Speed and Durability.

8) Spawns Cape slamming Redeemer around as well cutting his hand off.

The strength of the Chains is insane as well.

1-2) Slams over a at least 10 tons of Trees around.

They also proved nigh unbreakable.

Holding the Multi Thousand Toner planet wrecking Dark God Urizen.

Then we have the Suit using a Danger Sense.

Both Examples of his Suit reacting to a possible threat before the threat presents itself.

To finish rounding Spawn up, I say we look at his skill. Spawn is the best professional killer in the world and was picked as Hells General for a reason. Simmons has mad skills in combat and tactics.

Examples of it are in his first battles.

Spawn's first major battle vs this monster cyborg called Overtkill. It goes real bad for Spawn

Spawn ends up relying on his Soldier skill and use of Tech Guns to end Overtkill.

Spawn in this battle duels a Samurai with no help of his suit or magic. Straight battle of honor and skill to put this past Hell Spawn to rest.

Spawn using only his Suit and Soldier Skills infiltrates Wynn's fortress and threatens Wynn. He does all this after giving a Wynn days to prepare on purpose.

Simmons is very skilled.