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@joewell: Sokka

CadenceV2 Beast

Sokka has his Boomerang, Meteorite Sword, and Machette.

Beast from First Class.

KO or Death

In character

Battle here.

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I decided to down grade Beast to First Class style.

Intro on Beast and his abilities.

As seen Sokka will be hard press against this Super strong and Agile foe.

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Ok, thats fine

Yeah but he really doesn't have any where to jump around in here and he's on ice so he'll be sliding around. And even if Sokka gets hit he has armor on, so he couldn't one shot him, only knock him back.


start at around 18:30 to see the fight agent Pindao. Sokka's pretty agile too, not as much but still pretty agile. And he has more experience in the ice so he's use to the cold


18:15 to 19:15 he takes out combustion man with his boomerang. His aim there is great. so if Beast trys to clime over the wall he can still hit him with the boomerang.


18:30 to 18:40, quick combat feat

19:10 to 19:55, he takes down 3 battlements ( with help ) and slices straight through metal, So i'm pretty sure he could cut thought Beast with no problem

So I don't really know what Beast could do, he could get up close to Sokka and try to hit him but Sokka's reflexes are good and he could block and counter attack with the sword. Beast could try to jump around him and strike from behind but the ice would make him slip and he could be easily taken then. Soooo yeah, Sokka can counter almost any attack Beast can do.

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@joewell: I think beast handily has this. Boomerang is no threat to a guy who catches near Mach 1 Missiles with his feat upside down.

Beast also has no problem with the Ice. Infact he has a better chance viw his ability to grip any uneven surface.

As seen he can easily carry mass weight up smooth walls and fight from a wall. Heck in this scenario he can easily make it to the stadium and start chucking seat at Sokka. He has 1-2 ton Strength.