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  • In Character
  • Pre-Half Demon Blue Devil, Nebrios-Enchanted Trident
  • Standard Gear for Booster Gold (No Skeets)
  • Pre- and Post-52 feats apply
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Start 120 Feet Apart
  • Fight Here:

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Danny has the advantage over Michael in agility and speed if not strength ( where they would be close even).

While Micheals force field gives him the durability advantage it is only an advantage for initial assault. While Danny can be harmed temporarily ( he's as durable as a tiger tank) the enchantment of Nebrios that bound him to his costume also made him self healing.

Danny alsso has all the pyro technics etc that will alow him disstractions. In adition he haas senses like infra red enhanced hearing etc. Also if I read the venue right ( a theme park??) then his mini gills will allow him to take the battle to water where he will have an aadvantage

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First few scans show Danny's agility, speed and strength. Then we see him take on and down the combined John Stewart and Zatanna ( mystically controlled by an entity possessing him, the entity was aware of some abilities of his trident that at the time he was not). Then Shockwave ( who was more in the pay grade in strength etc at the time of the then New Earth Superman than Booster). Finally him taking on Nebrios who he defeated twice at this level. Nebrios was an upper level demon in control of his own realm.

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