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superman,wonder woman/Alien the alien


anakin darth vader feats for both. Beta Ray Bill. Orion

no perfered version. all feats can be used so superman can be used as allstarsuperman all the way to knew 52. orion has his astro force as well

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@oceanmaster21: you can start, because im not "that" knowledgeable on your team.

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Tag me when the voting begins. Good luck.

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@allstarsuperman: well beta ray bill as you know is a horse looking man lol well he beat thor and beause of that hes has all the powers of thor and he has the hammer strombreaker so hes another version of thor but hes thor without morals.

anakin skywalker/darth vader well you already know who he is he has fore abilities saber masture and agility and others but i get into that as the debate goes on.

Orion is the son of darkseid has super strenght and other great apokoliptian powers and with his mother box hes even more powerful yet again. I go more in deatil about that when debate starts. Alright im ready for you bro however explain alien for me then after you can begin our debate thanks.

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Allen The Alien is the strongest member of this race he was designed to be a soldier. He turned out to still not be quite at Viltrumite levels in power, but after Allen was literally ripped apart in Issue 23 by a trio of Viltrumites looking for information on Mark, the Coalition retrieved him and healed his body. After healing he has become much stronger, he is like Doomsday but with a brain. He is arguably the biggest hitter in the Invincible universe.

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@allstarsuperman: i see very interesting bro alright go ahead and make your first debate and i will respond tommrow im going to bed got class in the morning

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Tag me for voting too. This should be interesting.

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@oceanmaster21: dude, I don't have much school to do tomorrow so ill wait to make a big post.

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@tparks: will do hey can you go vote i was in a debate with darkbeam can you go put your vote in plz and when were done here i tag you for voting.AllStarSuperman ok well small post or big post, post what you like im going to bed my classes start early alright talk to you tommrow

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I'll be watching so tag me.

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@tparks: will do hey can you go vote i was in a debate with darkbeam can you go put your vote in plz and when were done here i tag you for voting.AllStarSuperman ok well small post or big post, post what you like im going to bed my classes start early alright talk to you tommrow

Tag me in that debate too. I don't have time to at the moment, but if you tag me I will get a reminder and I will go read it a little bit later.

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Allen The Alien:

Allen is the heaviest hitter in the Invincible universe. Here are some of Invincibles feats:


  • Scans 1-2: Benches 400 tons with little problem.
  • Scans 3-4: Lifts what can be calculated close to 500-600 tons of stone.

Keep in mind those feats were probably over 2 years ago in universe time. Invincible is much stronger now, and Allen is even stronger.

  • Scans 5-9: Invincible, Thaddeus, and Omni-Man destroy the Viltrumite home world. The core was already destabilized though. Omni Man is the strongest of the three at that time.

Allen is way stronger then Omni-Man even, and he seems to be taking the planet level explosion better then everyone else in the last picture.


  • Scans 1-4: Invincible coughs off a Thermal Bomb attack that evaporates Las Vegas and glasses the desert.
  • Scans 5-7: Invincible shrugs of a Nuke exploding in his face. Next panel he flies back to earth to finish of the Mauler Twins.


  • Scan 1: Invincible packs his room and flies it all to his dorm in a few trips in less than a minute.
  • Scan 2: Invincible fights Conquest at such speeds that they can only be tracked by Satellite Feeds slowed down, even then they are always 5 minutes behind each fight.
  • Scan 3: Omni Man leaves from America to another Country, scopes the deal, then returns to grab Invincible. Then before the Hotdog can fall they are the another country.
  • Scans 4-5: Omni Man, Kid Omni Man, and Invincible within less than a hour of the battle on the Coalition of Planets main world had flown from one world in another Solar System to there. That is FTL by a lot.
  • Here is Allen saving a ship from the gravity of the a star, this was even before his powerup.

How strong is Allen?

That's my post for Allen, I'll post this then I'll make a Superman/Wonder Woman post, my computer already froze on me once, I don't want to chance it again.

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Superman will be using Pre-Flashpoint, New 52, and possibly All-Star feats:


He is my teams MVP. He is the most powerful and versatile.


  • Scans 1-2: tagging Barry Allen
  • Scans 3-5: Matching Jay Garrick in speed.


  • Scan 1: Holding a mini-blackhole in his hand.
  • Scan 2: Punching through John stewards force field, John is said to have the strongest constructs of the GLC.
  • Scan 3: He says he can shatter a planet.
  • Scan 4: Bench presses the weight of earth for 5 days without sunlight.


  • Scan 1: Survives Apocalypse and New Genesis collision.
  • Scan 2: Survives a supernova
  • Scan 3-4: Takes a planet level explosion

Heat Vision:

  • Scan 1: Blows up an asteroid.
  • Scan 2-3: Takes out an army of doomsday clones.
  • Scan 4: Machine gun heat vision, FTW!

I know Orion is said to be Superman level, but he lacks the extreme feats of Superman.

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@allstarsuperman: Credit for the darth vader scans goes to dccomicsrule2011.

Vader is very powerful his teleknesis has lifted 20 tons before and more so he can just keep alien away with his tk

Or he can cause avalances to happen to alien or use his surroundings to throw at alien either way he can keep alien at bay for awhile.

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@oceanmaster21: Vader is powerful, but I have only seen the movies, does he have really high end feats that could hold off Superman?

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@oceanmaster21: Okay that leaves BRB to Wonder Woman, I'll come up with a post later.

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@allstarsuperman: Orin lifited a gigantic ship during the fight with superman so hes not weak

Now granted orion dosent have as many feats as superman but he has deal with superman and beaten him on more then one occasion.

Here you can see Orion lays superman out

so superman wont have an easy fight matter fact it will be an bloody fight. As you can see orion is clearly a match for superman and i havent even used the astro force yet.

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@oceanmaster21: I'm sorry I'll do It tomorrow. I had a birthday to go to and I'm at my brothers house.

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@allstarsuperman: so brb is just as strong and fast as ww so how is he going down exactly.So should be an interesting to how she gonna be brb down when he is just as fast strong an has eneryg projetion and planent busting level attacks

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Wonder Woman:


  • Scan 1: Wonder Woman stops a city sized Meteor in mid fall, and casually has a conversation with Terra before flying it away.
  • Scan 2: WW helps tow the moon.
  • Scan 3: Helps pull the earth. It's not stated if she was pulling a third of it, so I wouldn't think so. I believe both Superman and MMH are stronger the her.
  • Scan 4: Says she and Supergirl are closely matched in Strength and Speed. New 52 Superman has planet level strength, and Supergirl is "supposedly" more powerful by being in direct contact with the sun instead of through the atmosphere. So Wonder Woman could have close to planet level strength.

These feats outclass anything Beta Ray Bill has done strength wise.


  • Scan 1: Keeping up with Jessie Quick.
  • Scans 2-3 : Keeps up with Wally West.
  • Scan 4: Speedblitzes Amazo (who had Wally West's speed)

I don't know if BRB is as slow a Thor, but I'll need to see some feats that have him keeping up with WW.


  • Scans 1-2: Nekron, a skyfather level being’s magic lightning, has no effect on Diana
  • Scans 3-4: Survives a full on blast from an Imperiex probe, she was badly injured though. A blast from one of those things managed to turn Captain Marvel inside out.

How durable is BRB?


  • Scans 1-2: Omega Beams can’t even pierce the bracelets.
  • Scan 3: WW uses the Lasso to save Martian Manhunter from a black hole created by Oblivion. This is also kinda a strength feat.
  • Scan 4: Even with all of the strength and powers at Amazo’s command, he cannot break out of the lasso knot tied by Diana, so he has to resort to shrinking out of it.
  • Scan 5-6: This is a lasso and strength feat for both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. They actually manage to get their lasso’s around Superboy Prime’s neck. He can’t break the lasso’s grip. And then they toss him into a parked bus.
  • Scan 7: The tiara goes thru Superman’s Bio aura and cuts his invulnerable skin
  • Scan 8: Says her sword can cut an atom in two.

Beta Ray Bill is a slightly weaker Thor and I'd put Wonder Woman above Thor. She pulls the win with speed, skill, and weaponry.

For the Whole Battle:

Allen vs Darth Vader:

I have yet to see how DV can harm Allen. I don't know how powerful a light saber is, could it cut through Allen? Is Vader's force control enough to contain Allen? Or can Allen just power through all his attacks?

Wonder Woman vs BRB: I showed you why I think WW takes the win. After she finishes she can go help Superman.

Superman vs Orion: Superman has several advantages. He has faster, stronger, and better feats. Orion held an Aircraft Carrier, Superman held the Earth. Even if they stalemate, WW or Allen will be done with their opponents in time to help.

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@allstarsuperman: oh no superman you done went and done it. IK see wonder woman is tough and superman as well as alien but dont count my team just yeat.

Beta Ray bill strenght feat.

helps thor hold up asgard which is a whole world so hes just as strong as superman and ww and the rest of the dc powerhouses.

beta ray bill combat speed is so wicked he overwhelms stardust who uses cosmi powers.

now iknow wonder woman has her bracelets but let me ask you this can wonder woman handle a portal of comets to rain down on wonder woman can she handle that.

Now beta ray bill dosent have to get physical if he dosent want to. He has magic power to curse a plague which is wicked powerful.he did that in a millesecond and surfer and qussar were both there and they said it felt like a hours to them so he can cause some mystical curse to happen to wonder woman and if it affeted qussar and silver surfer who are just as powerful as wonder woman if not more.Then i would think wonder woman is in for a big suprise dont you.

beta can even cause a vortex to pull wonder woman in and then destroy her with his blast which has proven to be omptiment.

Thats enough for brb for now.Now lets adress your superman.

now you can superman is faster there about equal supes may be a lil faster. supes is not stronger than orion orion has proven that he is one of the people who have fought a bloodlusted superman to a stand still.

and hes not more powerful. now superman has a hardtime fighting darkseid. You read the issue of darkseid beating all those supermans is what darkseid is caple of and the superman that was able to beat darkseid was because the justice league was there to help supes and all those other superman in diffrent universes were all beaten by darkseid b those superman were not close with there justice league now im not saying supes is weak but i am saying he has a very hardtime with darkseid and wen it is 1 on 1 its really hard for him suree supes got lucky a few times but those were a few compared to what darkseid done and orion has actually killed darkseid.

here you can see orion kill darkseid.

So dont think superman is just walking all over orion because it not happening there are equall.Again i havent even gotten to the astro force yet.

Alien the alien is one tough dude but it can be a 5 vs 1 match see superman is suppose to have mind blocks in his mind yet he as been mind controlled and mind attacked by weak telepaths and powerful telpaths as well as wonder woman so whats to stomp darth vader whos force telapthy is very powerful whats to sthomp himn from mind controlling supes and www then have them join my team then its just alien and he cant handle all 5 of them.

your turn.

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Wonder Woman vs Beta Ray Bill

BRB only lifted the capital city of Asgard, it fit over Oklahoma, and he need Thors help. The whole Asgard is only United States in size anyway. Wonder Woman has showed better strength then that. I looked up the rest of that battle too, his combat speed sure seems faster then Thors, but still not on Wonder Woman's level. Her keeping up with flash is more impressive. I also highly doubt the he will land a planet busting hit on her. As for the magic plague thing, I don't that's a very serious option, and Wonder Woman would most likely be immune as she has a high level of magic resistance.

Superman vs Orion

Superman wasn't bloodlusted in that match, and the fight stops via BFR, so we don't know who would win. Orion killed Darkseid while amped with astroforce. Superman has a vast variety of powers that Orion couldn't keep up with. Like Invisibility, intangibility, and the ability to match any frequency:

Also a non-bloodlusted Superman will definitely still have a speed advantage and will blitz in character, @citizenbane even proved this in another Superman vs Thor thread:

Yeah. Except for the times when he blitzed Mongul, blitzed Doomsday Rex, blitzed Darkseid, blitzed an Imperiex Probe, blitzed Gog, blitzed Gnarnite, blitzed a Kryptonian strike team, blitzed Deathstroke,blitzed Subjeckt 17, blitzed H/P Doomsday and BFR'd Batman before the Four Horsemen could react, it's just an excuse DC fanboys like to use to say Supes wins. Christ.....

As for what you said about Darth Vader's telepathy:

Superman has psychic resistance training given to him by J'onn and training in Torquasm Vo, (an ancient Kryptonian warrior discipline technique where the warrior can control what they think.) Superman and Dominus engaged in a mental-physical battle with Dominus using any stray thought of Superman to reshape reality. The battle ends with Superman banishing Dominus to the Phantom Zone. In the comic, "What's so funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way?" Manchester Black stated that his psychic shields are "the best he's seen." Superman in the New 52 has resistance to telepathy as well, in action comics 12. He resists captain comets TP, then empties his mind and acts on instinct. (If he does this he'd be even more a threat to your team.) Also in Superman 8 Helspont puts a telepathy bug thing in Supes mouth and he resists it.

I would think Wonder Woman being your favorite character and all, you would know that TP doesn't work on her. Wonder Woman got the eyes of Pallas upgrade during Rucka's run which allowed her to fight Maxwell Lord in 'Sacrifice' and snap his neck, and has been immune to TP ever since.

Allen also has TP, so Darth Vader TP shouldn't be a huge facter in this fight.

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@allstarsuperman: thats the point orion has the astro force in this fight.Also what you said about supes and ww is true to an extinct yes they have resisted telepaths before but for the most part they have been controlled before despero mind controlled the whole justice leage including superman and wonder woman all that is in justie league consience. read those issues there great but martian has tp attacked them as well as matter of face hector not to long ago mind controlled superman and orion had to get him out so yea.

you should read justice league consicence.. In that issue despero mind controled the justice leave with his tp even superman wonder woman where affected by this so there not resisant to tp it depends on the tp and superman has been tp by other people. And i stated before hector was reacently in superman head he had superman controlled and it was orion who got hector out if it wasnt for orion supes would still be mind controlled by hector.

ok wonder woman with magic resistant not really true see wonderwman enemy circe is all about magic and she has a hard time with her circe with her magic has done all kinds of stuff she even took away wonder woman powers before.

it dosent matter what supes has i have done showed you scans of orion killing darkseid and besting superman and that the pont so yea supes has other abilities dosent matter all that much because again i shown you orion beating supes and killing darkseid yea he had the force in that fight but remember he has the astro force in this fight as well. If orion was able to stalemate superman without the astro force imagine what he caple of now.

orion astro force is caple of planent busting.

Not only that the astro force can even act as a shield to it can shield orion from superman attacks.

Here another feat for orion deafeating superman yet again this time with the astro force which he has in this fight.

so thats enough for orion and superman.

marvel comics states that thor hammer weighing 225.6 billion US tons now thats heavy now it dosent crack anything when he lays it down bc of the magic on it plaed by odin now thor has also liftied his uncle cul who is a gigantic snake who was said to weigh as much as the earth. thor was alos said to lift the world tree which was suppose to be 7 sextillion tons and let me ask you this? if beta ray bill has the exact same kind of hammer with powers and all and the exact same strenght and is more ruthless you really think wonder woman just gonna walk all over him i think not and brb was powerful before he got stormbreaker he was killing armies and wat not so hes far from a slouch.

now beta ray bill has fought surfer to a standstill.

when has wonder woman fought someone on surfer level.

How many times can wonder woman take a shot from starbreaker to the head.

he has also has pulled off a nano second reaction feat thsts impressive so its not like ww will blitzs brb

surfer was going full speed in that issue ass well so if brb can content with surfer speed iknow he can content with ww speed no problem.

then we comeback to allen the alien.

Vader can cause blur images motions to happen using his lightsaber to blind alien

vader is one of the strongest force useers there are in the star wars universe. Vader will crush allen lungs before he even gets a chance to react and then when alien is trying to figue out about his lungs he will get his head chopped off by vader lightsaber.

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Darth Vader's TP:

I looked up a couple respect threads of DV's, his TP is not Despero level at all. And he can only influence the "weak" minded, TPing will not be a option in this fight. Unless, you have feats of his TP vs a worthy opponent?

Allen vs Darth Vader:

After looking up DV, I really don't see him as a threat to Allen, His TK is boulder and building level, and Allen is way above that. Invincible flew through an unstable planet, and Allen > Invincible. I also am not sure the lightsaber will be a threat as Invincible was able to take Furnace's attacks, who has the body of Magma:

Wonder Woman vs Beta Ray Bill:

So you've convinced me that Beta Ray Bill is fast, but there's no way to tell that SS was going full speed in that fight. Also BRB may have a great weapon, but Wonder Woman still has the speed and skill to pull the win. She has taken on a bloodlusted/mind controlled Superman:

Superman vs Orion:

I wouldn't just count out all of Superman's powers like that. Superman still has greater speed then Orion and could dodge a lot of his attacks. If you wouldn't mind could you post the rest of Superman vs Astro-Force Orion's battle, cause I doubt it was only a one page fight? Superman could hold out long enough for Allen to back him up. As Allen can handle DV really easy, (so it seems at the moment). If Allen and Superman cant beat Orion combined, then Wonder Woman will still be there to help out after beating BRB.

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@allstarsuperman: Granted iknow supes is fast and powerful but once orion admited when he fought superman the first time using the astro force supes survived bc orion held back but when they fought again and orion used it it knocked superman out just like that bc orion didnt hold back and since our guys arent holding back think orion taking supes. Granted supes will be hard and put up a tough fight but in the end orion will win.Brb will take wonder woman do to his power set strenght and speed.Darth vader may not beat allen but he will hold him off long enough for brb or orion to come help and seeing is how supes dosent do well against lighting users if brb use some serious lighting attacks if supes gets hit hes gonna be stunned plus a blast from astro force supes not getting up from that. Your Turn

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@oceanmaster21: Orion beat a younger, weaker, less experienced Superman. A Superman who, upon waking up, easily sent Orion flying for a loop with 1 punch. A Superman who, a few issues later, tanked a direct hit from Darkseid's Omega Effect, and immediately after took a sustained blast from DS for at least a few panels (sure, Supes was messed up from it, but still alive and conscious).

I copied that^ from someone, but its a valid point. I think there's not a whole lot left to say for this battle but, ill make this a closing post.

Orion has a power advantage, but Superman makes up for it with speed, skill, and experience:

  • Superman can and will speedblitz
  • Superman's heat vision deflects Omega Beams, so it will most likely block some Astro-Force

Superman is highly advanced in hand-to-hand combat because of his training from the best. He learned boxing techniques from Wildcat, fighting techniques from Mongul, melee techniques from Wonder Woman, and (advanced) martial arts techniques from Batman. He also knows two ancient Kryptonian disciplines named Torquasm Vo and Torquasm Rao, that prevent physical and mental domination.

Some of Superman's fighting feats:

  • Scans 1-2: Superman beats a Krytonian military officer in H2H
  • Scan 3: Superman speed kicks Zod
  • Scan 4: taking of thugs while depowered

If anybody can take on Orion...

So for the others I still see Allen powering right through Darth Vader and going to help out WW or Superman. In the end I believe my team would win. I am ready for votes if you are?

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@allstarsuperman: orion astro force has been able to block somepower attacks from the anti life equation. hes also been able to block darkseid omega beams as well.

orion fighting feats

beating kalkibak in h2h

beating lightray in h2h

fighting the first born

stalemating supes

beating supes

killing darkseid.

now your last scan showed supes hitting orion and kncoking him back ok usally everyone who supes hits get knocked back but look at your scan orion didnt seem that fased by it orion has taken hits from supes and smiled in my earlier scans you can see them it small but you can see it. And supes hit orion knoked him back when orion actually knocked out superman so if orion was bloodlusted supes would be killed by the astro force.

you said supes wins bcause of skill no orion is just as skilled and experienced he grew up on aopokolips hes the son of darkseid you dont think hes just as experienced as superman comon bro. as far as the others.

beta ray bill has put a big chip in galactus armor now you might think thats not impresive but you know as well as i do how powerful galactus is and for brb to be able to crak his armor is a good feat at least in my book.

My point is ikno how tough wonder woman is but how many stormbreaker hits to the head or the jaw do you think she can handle not very many especially if there going as fast as the sans i have showed.

Vader can stall allen long enough for orion or brb to come to his aid. With the astro force beta ray bill lighting and vader fore and skill set my team will walk away the victors.

Alright now im ready for voting

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now your last scan showed supes hitting orion and kncoking him back ok usally everyone who supes hits get knocked back but look at your scan orion didnt seem that fased by it orion has taken hits from supes and smiled in my earlier scans you can see them it small but you can see it.

That one punch bloodied him if you pay attention. I looked at your scans, if you right click, then select properties, you can get a direct link to the full size picture.

Alright you can edit the title to say voting is open.

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@oceanmaster21: oh wait 2 more things, Wonder Woman has survived being punched from the sun to earth by superman, (a feat for both of them.) She is hurt bad, but she can probably take many hits from BRB.

And if Superman speeds up his senses, Orion cant touch him at all.

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so supes is not that far above orion if at all. supes has hardtimes with darkseid even when supes gives his morals up darkseid still gives him hell orion has astro force which killed darkseid i dont see supes surviving astro force. And as far as your scan impressive but thats supes fist brb hammer stormbreaker hits harder than supes fist anyday.

wonder woman almost died from being blasted by captain atom. A Powerful blast from brb should take care of wonder woman.

and it was metioned brb blast were in nano seconds can ww handle powerful blast coming at her at that magnitude. And if brb wants to he can always sepertae your team using storms winds tornados whatever he feels like doing.

and if supes gets hit by brb lighting hes out we have seen on more then one ocassion supes get taken out by magic lighting so you dont think someone like brb lighting who comes from odin himself think again.

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oops, you tagged them as well