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Superman @dccomicsrule2011

Goku @limpoyzloan

Ladies and Gentlemen,boys and girls lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!!


This is pre new 52 Superman

all versions of Goku meaning he gets his feats from all material , including movies, filler, and GT etc

No morals

Both are bloodlusted

They both start 1,000 feet away

Standard equipment

Battles take place on a uninhabitable planet

Fight to death

Remembers this is Challenge A Viner,that means no one can post a comment on who is going to win until after the debate is finished.

When the voting is ready remember to vote for the person who presented the best argument not who you think will win.

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Nice setup!

Alright I'm gonna start some facts about how Goku's speed works. Unlike Superman, who has a constantly increasing acceleration over time, Goku can pretty much meet his top speed at any time. Hence, why they disappear and reappear to outmatch their opponents. Superman, although fast, shouldn't be faster in combat speed because he can't reach his top speed (IE His Earth to the Sun in 1:54 time feat) in an instant. So that's what I have to say about Goku's combat speed :)


Downside is over EXTREMELY Large distances, they can't go their top speed for the full time, or at least as far as we know based on this scan:

@dccomicsrule2011 Your turn :)

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inb4 kakurot88 copy-pastes

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So the question is, what is Goku's top speed, in which he actually goes his top speed? We can't use Snake Way due to the fact that he doesn't move his top speed all the time (And it was never drawn to scale in the first place) So we can use a feat on Namek in which he travels half the distance of Namek in the max of ONE second.

I already made a blog based on this feat, but I'll condense it down.

This was published and written by the manga's publisher, Shonen Jump. Thus, it is irrefutable canon.

And given that one second time frame is generous, considering the speed we have seen Frieza strike in the past.

In a V Jump article, it was stated that Namek was the same size as Earth, if not more. I can't find that article, so here is another blog to prove it to you: Namek

So going by math, the radius of Earth's diameter is 12,756.2km.

Now if we use the SSJ Multipliers with this base:

Base form: 12,756.2km/s

·SS1: 637,810km/s

·SS2: 1,275,620km/s

·SS3: 5,102,480km/s

·SS4: 51,024,800 km/s

At SSJ4, Goku is about 170x faster than light.

@dccomicsrule2011 Your move, and good luck!

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(still unable to correctly add a gif, click it for animation) D:

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Bunch of random posts here.

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Unfortunately Superman has a shitload of impressive feats, while Goku's are very limited.

This is gonna end bad for the Saiyan, but good luck to both of you.

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Arguably, Solar Flare is a lightspeed attack. So if this was Goku as a kid, he'd probably be well over the speed of light in Dragon Ball!

Lightning compared to lightning is about 1/2 to 1/6 the speed of light. Based on many estimates. But again, this is arguable.

Lasers, depending on frequency can go FTL.

Probably post more later.

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Love this match, because no matter what no side will come out thinking differently starting more flame war and chaos, ha how I love chaos and good debates.

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@jgames: Eh, you never know. That can always change :)

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this should be a good debate. good luck to you both.

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This is going to be awesome!

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Aren't DBZ vs non DBZ against the rules? (sorry if I'm wrong on this particular type of thread)

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Aren't DBZ vs non DBZ against the rules? (sorry if I'm wrong on this particular type of thread)

Controlled debates such as 1 vs 1 were still allowed.

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@limpoyzloan: Okay since we are on speed here let me start if of here:

Superman has shown nanosecond time as has perceived Lighting in slow motion.

Even when slowing down time, Superman can accelerate himself back to real space speed

He can vibrate his body so fast punches go right through him and he can also cause stuff to explode by vibrating atoms and making them unstable.

These are just some of Superman's feats I will post more later.

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@dccomicsrule2011: Very cool.

Alright, so back to Goku's speed. As stated above, it's the opposite in terms of their speed. Goku can go his max speed at any time he wants, while Superman can reach his max speed. I already made calculations of Goku's speed above, but let's low end Goku for a minute and use Death Battle's speed. (Which is heavily flawed) In SSJ4, Goku in combat is still faster than Superman in combat. Superman to reach his eventual max speed has to accelerate to reach it. Goku (Even if we use Death Battle's time) Is still faster than Supes in an instant in terms of combat speed. Any scans of Supes' highest combat speed would be appreciated :)

Alright, so about the molecular punch thing. I do think those could do some damage to Goku, however I don't think he would be able to tag Goku unless:

A. He was already hurt. Unlike Superman, Goku doesn't like to tank attacks, he prefers to dodge.

B. He wasn't weary of where Superman was (Highly unlikely as Goku can sense ki.)

And even if he does tag him, he could only kill Goku if he hits one of Goku's vital organs:

Ha! Look at that! Big gaping hole in his torso and he's still kicking ass! Also kind of an endurance/willpower feat :)

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More Speed feats:

2:56 Moving so fast he appeared to be standing still and can't be touched (Note: This isn't molecular phasing or anything of the sort, it's just a pure speed feat)

Ok, so as far as reactions times go Goku would be able to react at least as fast as he can move. See the anime does a great job animating that: http://i.imgur.com/zwEeyMj.jpg

Yes, it is Vegeta but the point holds true, in the manga the same drawing is done but without that animated depiction it is not as clear. So we know Goku reacts as fast as he can move...but can he react faster? Yep. Why? Because Freeza was vastly faster than Vegeta and Vegeta could track Freeza's movements. Same with Cell and Goku. Cell was much faster than Goku, especially when he fought against Gohan, and Goku was able to see and react to his movements.