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A battle between multi-talented telepaths:

Cassandra Nova
Mister Sinister

No prep

Start 100 feet apart

Fight in an unpopulated Gotham

Round 1: All powers available

Round 2: No Telepathy, all other powers available

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Telekinetic Telepaths: Fight!

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I'll give it to Cassandra Nova. She has every abilities and skills that Charles Xavier has but more aggressive and cruel. Although Mr. Sinister is an opponent who should not be taken lightly, he's never shown the capabilities that Cassandra displayed during the New X-men series.

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Can she put down Sinister's HF, though? With his molecular control of his own body, he's ridiculously durable. And he's a heck of a psionic in his own right.

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cassandra nova curbstomps

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I still think this could be an interesting battle.