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Carnage, from Marvel, vs Bane, Killer Croc, Mr Freeze, Joker and Scarecrow, from DC.

It takes place in, let's say...an abandoned warehouse, so there is no advantage either way.

It's Carnage vs all 5 at the same time. No prep.

As always, have fun.

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Mr. Freeze is the only guy who has even the slightest chance even then he still gets killed. Carnage slaughters.

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They'd need the asisstance of Flash villain Cap. Cold. None of these 5 have a chance. Maybe if Croc was swapped for ClayFace maybe.

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ya i think all the bats villains are gonna die. Mr. Freeze could may subdue him and let the villains get some shots in

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Carnage. Way stronger than their strongest team member and faster. Maybe if they had a little prep Joker and Bane could devise a strategy. Use killer croc as bait. Mr.Freeze blasts carnage into a cube and then scarecrow injects him with some fear. Also are any of the dc guys pre or post 52?

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Freeze is the only threat in that team.

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@paulson3lt: In my eyes, they're the ones from the Arkham games.
Joker would have to be the one from Asylum, since he, you know...he died in City...

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Carnage murders them all.

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Carnage easily

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Carnage. Mismatch.

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@shawnbaby: Not really.
Any of them could get lucky, especially since it's 1 on 5.

Just goes to show that 5 of Batman's villains are weaker than 1 of Spider-Man's.

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Any of them could get lucky


The best case scenario for the Batman villains is a quick and painless death.

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Carnage can take on both Spider-Man and Venom at the same time. Batman villains have zero chance, without prep.

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@ohitsthatguy: I think, I THINK, Carnage took on Spider-Man, Venom, F.F, Captain America and Silver Surfer at the same time once...So, that's pretty groovy.