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Team 1 Avengers: Vision, Iron Man, Hulk(Savage), and Dr.Strange.


Team 2 Villains: Sandman, Ultron, Lizard, and Carnage(Kasady).

Battle Type: Capture the Flag.

Battle Rules: Morals On. KO and Death is allowed. Respawn is allowed. If KO`d respawn time is 15 mins. If Dead respawn time is doubled. Win by 2 flag captures.

Game Rules: Each flag starts at each teams respective base. Take the flag from opposing team`s base. Take the catured flag to your team`s base. If a player is holding the flag and becomes KO or Dead the flag is dropped immediately. Try to return your flag if it is dropped. It will be done manually. Everyone knows where the flag is always. 1 round only, score limit is best 2 out of 3.

Location: Egypt. Team 1`s Flag is located at the north border of Egypt. Team 2`s Flag is located in the south border of Egypt .

P.S feel free to elaborate on the game rules in case i forgot anything or something is not explained enough.

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Dr. Strange can just teleport the flag to them. Heroes win.