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Captain Marvel easy.

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captain planet is a joke

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why captain planet? he is only created by five rings and most of the time the kids have to help

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it's a stupid cartoon

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Zenma says:

"captain planet is a joke"
Captain Planet is no joke, just the kid with Heart is:P But yeah Mar-Vell wins easy.
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captain planet would win?

the only thing that could be considered to hurt him, would be like toxic things???

i forsee"toxic" and "things" being in the grey debate areas, but really fire cold bullets laser nothing could harm em expect thoughs things, he weilds the basic make up of the elements fire,wind,water,earth,heart(which seems lame but is not)

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This is actually a better fight than people think. I think that a lot of people see Captain Planet as a joke from what they have seen in the cartoon. But his powers include basically what Superman has and he also has the power of Matter transmutation which allows him to alter matter. This isnt going to be an easy win for Marvel but I think Captain Marvel would win