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Who do you think would win in a slugfest.

I think Marvel because he is both mortal and immortal. He knows what and how.

So who do you think would win give me reasons

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I think because Marvels completly insane aswell, after what Lex did to him, I think that would give him the upperhand, and unpridicktablitly that would take Superman off guard.

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Well Marvel won the fight in the actual comic so I think this is an easy decision.

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no, marvel didn't win the fight...

he used the lightning bolt attack a few times and by then Superman made him make the choice...

by that time as well Superman was so broken from the rest of the plotline that he didn't have much fight left in him.


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Yeah I guess, but in my opinion he's more powerful on the whole than Superman. Very close though. Also Superman's weakness to magic makes the lightning bolt very effective.

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yeah, Superman's weakness to magic is the deciding factor in this battle... without it the two are pretty evenly matched


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Probably Marvel especially since he became Lord Marvel or whatever he calls himself now. Kingdom Come Marvel definetely seemed to have the upper hand anyway.

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Captain Marvel

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@jacthripper: I don't see the point in this?

KC Captain Marvel was written to be a match for KC Superman (or slightly below), who is already far above normal Superman (it was asserted when they met). Even Mark Waid (who wroteKingdom Come) said KC Captain Marvel is comparable to KC Superman.


Superman won't beat a version of Captain Marvel who is intended to be more powerful than mainstream, far above mainstream actually.