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both spider man

all on the ground except for hawkeye he is on top of a building

morals off for team

morals on for spider man

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Spider-Man doesn't have a change against all those guys.

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Too much for Spidey to deal with. Morals off he might punch all their heads off though but he still might get caught by a projectile.

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Spider-Man most certainly has a chance here, and probably wins a majority in a random encounter since he's going to be taking them seriously.

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does dp have his HF bacK? if not i say spidy

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Spiderman takes down Punisher and Hawkeye rather easily, leaving him with Cap and Deadpool to deal with. He could take them both individually, but I'm not sure if he could handle them together. The deciding factor here might be if Deadpool has his healing factor... I'm assuming this is current Deadpool who doesn't, so Spiderman KO's him, then after a long fight, brings Cap down

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Too Many Compatitors. Spiderman Dies.

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Spiderman can win. These guys are no match physically a few of them should go down with one punch..

However it will be tough..

Morals off spiderman would be more fair.

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Morals off Spidey would ruin this team.

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Do not overestimate Spidey ;)

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Team wins 

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The team wins this I think, just too many people. Might be a little more fair if you turn off morals for spiderman. He has a decent chance then

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If this takes place in NYC Spider-man has a good chance of wining due to webbing and the HUGE amount of room he has to maneuver.

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Morals on for Spider-Man certainly gives the team a good chance, especially given Peter's respect for Cap and Caps good track record against Peter. I can argue for both sides winning TBH.

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Team probably

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Deadpool gives him problems. Depending on what Punisher brings, he is a lot of trouble too.

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If Spidey can survive the first couple of minutes he should be able to pick Hawkeye and Punisher off leaving him with Cap and DP which is an interesting match itself.

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I'm going with team due to morals off for them and morals on of Spidey. If he was really pissed and actually trying, that team would have a helluva time even touching Parker.

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@BringnIt: true

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You have 3 top shooters who can get Spidey in a crossfire and Cap who can be defensive and keep Spidey off of them. The team takes this.

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If spider-man had morals off he would win but since he doesn't the team wins.