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I Know This Has Been Done Before But This Is Different I Swear


Round One

No Prep/Sudden Encounter

Standard Gear

Fight Starts 15 Feet Apart

Win By Death, K.O or Surrender

In Character

Round Two

One Week Prep

Steve: Tony Prep Help

Logan: Hank (Beast) Prep Help

In Character

Fight Starts 50 Feet Apart

Round Three

No Prep

Pure Hand-To-Hand

Logan: No Claws/No Healing Factor

Steve: No Shield/No Chain Mail Armor

Fight Starts 10 Feet Apart

Blood Lusted



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round one steve

round two wolverine

round three could go either way but logan due to experience

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Round 1 Wolverine

Round 2 Cap (He's got Tony for Prep....)

Round 3 Either way, Cap probably has better reflexes with super serum, however Logans got experience and skill.

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Round 1 Logan

Round 2 Steve

Round 3 Logan

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@weapon x badazz said:

Round 1 Logan

Round 2 Steve

Round 3 Logan

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  1. Logan
  2. Either way
  3. Logan
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Can Logan even get K.O.ed from a normal human punching him?

I don't see how Captain could win round 1 or 2. Round 3 could go either way, however, I think Logan still has adamantium bones and therefore minor superhuman strenth, heavy fists for harder punches, and unbreakable bones. And seriously, who's better at bloodlust than Wolverine?

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Round 1. Wolverine if he can get around Captain America's shield.

Round 2. Probably Cap

Round 3. Definitely Wolverine. Captain America cant in anyway harm Logan.

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Wolverine takes every round.

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James Howlett James Howlett James Howlett

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Round 1: Wolverine, due to his healing factor, he would just be too much for Captain America.

Round 2: Captain America, with Tony helping with prep this is Cap's round to loose.

Round 3: A stalemate, I'm assuming that Wolverine still has his adamantium skeleton just no claws and healing factor if so then it will still be difficult for Captain America to bring Wolverine down without his shield but Wolverine also does not have his greatest asset, his healing factor, meaning he could suffer internal injuries and bleeding, if it is no adamantium as well then Captain America would win the majority.

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Round 1: Logan
Round 2: Cap
Round 3: Logan

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Round 1 Logan.

Round 2 Steve.

Round 3 Steve.

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@weapon x badazz said:

Round 1 Logan

Round 2 Steve

Round 3 Logan