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Battle takes place inside of a shopping mall.

Serpentor is aware of who Captain America is, otherwise it is a random encounter.

Morals apply for Cap, Serpentor is bloodlusted.

Winner by death or KO.

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Tough call. Sperpentor in the marvel comic has the fighting skills of Storm Shadow plus he has super intelligence and charisma he a genius in military stagery, politics intrigue, business and was increabily manipulative. I think Cap is physically his better not i don't know if his fighting skills are better since Sperpentor has the fighting skills of Storm Shadow but he definitly more intelligent due to the fact that he has super intelligence but his intelligence won't do that much good in a fight because his tactical skills is more limted toward fighting in a group or a unit he has not displayed that much cunning when it comes to single battle which Captain America has done countless of times.

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Id put my money on cap, people seem to always underestimate him and dont realise he is one of the best h2h fighters in the marvel U

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serpentor can do this,his skills are stormshadow level i remember,6/10 serpentor.

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another bump

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captain america

but not easy at all