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On one side we have the soldier personified. A man with heightened reflexes, agility, strength and skill with his versatile shield.

One the other side we have the premiere assassin of her world. She's trained under masters, and has also trained some of the world's best martial artists. Her skills are unmatched and she brings fear to anyone who knows her name.

Who would win?

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Didn't she beat batman before?

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She's both beat him and trained him.

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Captain America should win.

He is both stronger, faster and has more stamina than Shiva.

As for fighting ability - Shiva may be more knowledgeable but I think Cap's peak abilities would see him through.

I am discounting the use of the shield here.

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See, I would say that Shiva would defeat him. She's not scared to use her skill to kill him. I think Captain America just may underestimate her.

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Gonna go with Cap