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No prep

In character

Location: an urban warfare training facility

standard gear

Kraven has his herbs

win by KO or death


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This isn't the regenerating modern Kraven - it's the classic one with the potion, right? Well I think Kraven has the edge physically - he's matched Spidey before. But Cap has shown enough to strength to harm Hulk, Namor, and Extremis Iron Man - and he's got enough durability to take blows from the Hulk. So while Kraven is probably stronger, Cap is no slouch in the physical department either.

I think this one goes to Cap based on his superior HTH skills, tactics, and better arsenal (indestructible shield and possibly other gadgets). Cap's consistently been shown to be able to take on and defeat physically stronger combatants before.

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This is pre-ressurection Kraven yeah? Kraven takes a majority.

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Captain America 7/10

To skilled IMO and Steve stats are better by the feats.

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I think this is very evenly matched. Kraven wins because of strength. Cap wins because of his Shield and skill. 5/10 for both.

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im torn

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Have they ever fought in the 616 universe before? It would be an interesting fight. Anyway I think whilst Cap is more skilled, Kraven has his number in the physicals department. Kraven might pull off more wins here.

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Given that Kraven is susceptible to the lure of close combat, Capo's shield will give him a pretty big edge that will cancel out most physical superiority Kraven has with his potion. And coupled with Rodger's experience in H2H combat with beings far out of his league, I will have to give the majority to Captain America.

Capo FTW! 7.5/10

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Interesting battle to observe but I think that Kraven will take a small majority against Steve and eventually win.

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Steve skill is superior combined with his enhanced mind, better healing, and own "preternatural" strength. He should get the majority once you factor in his incredible skill.

Truth be told a lot of Kraven fans say he is stronger based on paper but based on actual "strength feats" he loses in this regard to Steve IMO.

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I am sure this has been done.

Cap bashes his head and face with his shield.

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Definitely Kraven IMO.

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Kraven just about takes it.

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Just FYI that's Ultimate Kraven in the image...

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@k4tzm4n: sorry didnt mean for it to be ultimate