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Random EncounterRound 1: H2H only, no powers and no serum

Round 2 : Standard gear allowed + powers and serum

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Round 1 Hei

Eh, wasn't Captain America a nobody without the serum ? Hei was always in shape to fight.

Round 2 Hei

Hei only needs to touch Cap to win and with his powers, it won't be that hard.

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Hei with ease.

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First round is uneven.

Second round maybe Captain America. But it will not be easy.

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which Captain, and is this before the serum is injected? Captain doesn't need extra since his body produces it so I don't think it would effect him not having any extra. Either way Captain vs Anime will almost always be unfair, anime fighters always have ridiculous speed and strength. Hei takes this both rounds, second not as easily

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Not saying this because Hei is one of my fav characters, but Hei stomps both rounds then eats half a restaurant.