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Captain Ameirca has superhuman strenght, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina and agility which makes him tireless and he is invulnerable to normal physical attacks and he is immune to most diseases, he is also immune to poisons and drugs, he also has fast reflexes. Cap is at the peak of human perfection, he is intelligent and he is one of the best hand to hand combatants, he doesn't age rapidly and Cap carries the hardest shield on Earth, it is made of adamentium and vibranium. Wolverine is a badass who has superhuman strenght, superhuman stamina and agility like Cap, he has an amazing healing factor, he can regenerate damage inflicted on his body, he is immune to drugs and poisons, Wolverine doesn't age rapidly and he has superhuman reflexes, he has animalistic senses. Wolverine has sharp teethand three retractable bone (Wolverine's Claws) housed in his fore-arms. His bone claws are strong enough to cut through most types of materials. So who would win ina fight?

Captain America vs Wolverine
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They have stalemated eachother more than I can count but Cap has won a few times. Id say cap is a slightly better fighter but this is a 50-50

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yeah cap has more more wins on wolverine but its pretty 50-50 neither of them have it in them to seriously hurt either other.... cap wouldnt cause he knows wolverine is a hero like him....... wolverine wouldnt cause he respects steve way to much....  so we would never see a full balls to the wall  match up against  them

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I've seen it claimed that Captain America has never beaten Wolverine in a fight where he was at 100%. I don't know if it's true. I'd like to see someone address that.