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Both in their prime. Cap has any gear/weapons he used in CA:TFA or The Avengers. Bats has any gear/gadgets he used in BB, TDK or TDKR. (no vehicles) Best of three rounds:

Round 1: Daytime in Gotham City. Batman makes an exception and shows himself during the day.

Round 2: Nighttime on SHIELD hellicarrier (on autopilot).

Round 3: No shirts, no shoes (no gear) Rogers vs Wayne. Bare knuckle brawl in a boxing ring.

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Done before, many times, sorry man.

Steve beats him in every round as he's actually peak human, Bruce isn't even close. The Nolanverse is too realistic.

Oh, and welcome to the vine!

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Cap soundly wins all rounds.

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I think Batman could hold his own...for a while. But Nolan Batman's own grounded nature is his downfall here. Neither his batarangs nor his mines would be able to match Cap's shield. I suppose he could use his homing beacon, but I don't think that a swarm of bats would do anything more than irritate Cap. The rest of Batman's gadgets are also not really suited for direct combat with Cap (sticky bomb gun, EMP tech), and if it comes to HTH, I'd vouch for Cap's superior stats. The man was strong enough to lop the arm off a Chitauri grunt with his shield, and throw Hydra soldiers several feet in the air with a single hand. I love Nolan Batman, but with zero prep time, I'd give all three rounds to Cap.

The only advantage I can think of for Bats would be his stealth in the nighttime round. But then again, Cap was able to notice a camouflaged sniper in a tree during a heavily-fogged winter, so Cap probably has a good degree of situational-awareness.

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captain america all rounds, he' enhanced and was shown to be able to do superhuman feats (jumping over a fence, punching a submarine window, etc....)

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Captain America Stomps

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