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I made this thread because I wanna see how tough people think MCU Cap is after watching the Winter Soldier, so if you haven't seen his Winter Soldier feats, then shhh.


Morals always on.

Random Encounters

Round 1:

Captain America vs Toad

In the Sewers of New York.

Round 2: Captain America vs The Arrow

They fight on the Rooftops of Starling City.

Round 3: Captain America vs Cyclops(From X Men movies)

They fight in Urban Ruins ravaged by War.

Round 4: Captain America vs Gambit(X Men Origins)

They fight in an Alleyway in Lousiana.

Round 5: Captain America vs Bane(DKR)

They fight in a Grassy field with lots of sun shine.

Round 6: Captain America vs The Wolverine.

Fight in a nice Canadian Forest.

Bonus Round: Predators

Captain America and Black Widow get para-dropped into the Predator Hunting Grounds, where the Predators from the movie are hunting them. They have to defeat them by themselves. Can they do it?

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Well.....the OP post has entirely glitched on me. But unfortunately I can't delete this thread. So here it stays I suppose.

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If it's Movie versions only, he can probably clear. Cyclops will be tough, Wolverine would be tougher. He would probably get killed in the Bonus round.