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Who wins this fight ?

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Black panther is the dangerous one here

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cap and batman... too much tactical genius on that team
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I think BP can take either in a fight so bad that he would be useless after winning. But Hawkeye couldn't last long. Team 1 wins

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I think Batman is too good for them.
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Team One wins imo. Hawkeye is the weak link here.

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Hawkeye makes up in Arrow variety, what he doesn't have in H2H. He and Black Panther also have the superior weaponry. They have the long range advantage and great H2H abilitys in BP. I'm tempted to give it to them.
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i think team 1
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Team 1

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team 1 cap can take bp like has already done and batman wrecks hawkeye
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Cap and Bats win, and it ain't  even close. 
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Team 1.
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@PowerHerc said:
"Cap and Bats win, and it ain't  even close.  "

Either guy from team 1 could take both guys from team 2.
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Actually, it's been successfully debated on this board that Panther could take Batman. The problem is that, while Panther could successfully fight either one, Hawkeye is far below everyone else in fighting skill (in this fight - otherwise, he's pretty good). So probably Team 1.

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Hawkeye you are the weakest link. Team one piles on BP

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Team 1