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Poll: Can the Joker successfully execute a plan to MURDER Batman? (23 votes)

Yes 48%
No 52%

This is a Joker vs Batman thread but with a twist.

(even though this goes against his character), the Joker has lost interest in toying Batman and has decided it is time to finish him off and go play with a new hero in tights. With that in mind, the Joker is DEAD SET on coming up with a plan to murder the Batman so he can move on.

Can he do it? He has all of his normal toys and access to some goons and he has his usual knowledge about Batman and how he operates. The Batman is NOT aware that the Joker is out to actually kill him this time (but he is aware that Joker is at large; dunno how much of a difference this makes).

Does this change anything at all (the fact that the Joker is now determinedly trying to actually kill Batman) or does it change nothing?

Do you see the Joker being able to execute a crafty plan to trap and kill Batman?

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he's been trying for 70 years

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He can, yes. In Death of the Family arc, he caught Batman and had him in an electric chair in one situation and in another had him and all of the other members of the Bat-Family tied up. He has had so many chances to kill Batman, but passes up on it, because he loves the company.

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He can't ever kill Batman as that defeats the purpose. He needs Batman to kill him. Because Batman isn't a man, he is an idea and as V says, "Ideas are Bulletproof." The only way to kill Batman is to corrupt Batman.

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he could, but the story won't allow it.

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The Joker has been determined to kill Batman more often than not, certain writers have it where he isn't willing to kill him those moments simply stand out more.

There have been a lot of moments where he is going to be thrown into acid/fire pit or dodge a bullet from his gun.

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Taking plot into account, Joker can't kill Batman any more than Batman (or anyone else) can kill the Joker. Ignoring plot, any random mugger could (and probably would) kill Batman on an average night on patrol.

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It might be a fluke, but it could happen