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Experiences, Powers, Skills of 2 characters in 1 body.

[ Deathstroke + Deadpool ]

That means both feats apply

PoolStroke vs Aquaman


Arthur has the Trident, and is just out of the water

DeathPoolStrokeTeminatorSlwade Has Immortality, but he can get knot-out.

1 hour prep for the fusion.

Location: Gotham

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BTW. Aquaman's powers aren't related to him being near/in the water (swimming speed the exception of course). He lived his entire childhood and adolescent life on land and had the same power set.

So statements like "fresh out of water" are pointless.

/petpeeve rant over

Anyways. Aquaman should be able to win no problem. His strength at the absolute minimum is about 8000 + tons (throwing a Submarine). His upper limit feats are as high as 225,000~ tons - with him lifting an Ocean Liner (rather easily in fact). Largest Ocean Liner today is about 225,000 tons.

His trident has also pierced Darkseid in the face.

If you want scans I can post them.

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Haha, no. Not even close.

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Imagine Deadpool & Deathstroke are the people and Aquaman is the car

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Remember deadpool can't die and deathstroke uses 90% of his brain. the merge. no discussion

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Deathstroke vs. Aquaman would be a really good fight on its own. Add immortality and Slwade makes this happen.

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I made some tweaks... read OP again.

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Deadstroke is a better name than Poolstroke, lmao.

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You are merging two similar characters. Not enough is gained. Aquaman wins.

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Yea....stats are uneven and they/he can still be literally ripped to pieces by Aquaman. In return, they can't really do much to him...

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Sushi. That would make a hilarious story.

The problem wouldn't be the power set since Aquaman is vastly more powerful than those two, but I am afraid he couldn't deal with the murderous goofiness of this combination, like fighting some sort of Bug's Bunny with a love for slicing objects.

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Aquaman completely annihilates them.

If they heal fast enough, he annihilates them again.

Finally when he gets bored from their hilarious attempts to hurt him, he drops a building on them for the KO.

Just to recap Aquaman and Deathstroke history.

Deatshtroke vs Aquaman in Deathstroke 12-13 (Wolfman series) : Deathstroke admits he is overmatched in all physical stats and senses. He even attacks a temporally blinded Aquaman, only to bounce off, saying it's like hitting a wall.

Emperor Aquaman vs Deathstroke in Deathstroke & the Curse of the Ravager 1-2: Aquaman one shots Deathstroke with the Trident through the heart. Deathstroke doesn't die, but is out of the fight INSTANTLY.

You could add any streetleveler to the amalgam, and it wouldn't make a difference. Aquaman stomps them with ridiculous ease.