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Caiera the Oldstrong: http://marvel.wikia.com/Caiera_%28Earth-616%29

Wolverine: http://marvel.wikia.com/James_Howlett_%28Earth-616%29

The fight takes place in an abandoned warehouse and Caiera has access to her Old Powers. This is a random encounter. Fight!

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Didn't Caiera take down the Avengers or a bunch of other Superhero's on her own?

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This is the Caiera who Hulk married during Planet Hulk, right?

She should win, fairly easily.

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Caiera should be able to KO him pretty easily.

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She was pretty much the only character in Planet Hulk that ever looked like she had a chance of beating Hulk. Hulk was pretty angry in Planet Hulk too. This should be a curbstomp for Caiera.

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wolverine dies

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