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round 1)bullseye vs captain boomerand (digger Harkness) only allowed thrown weapons (not grenades or anything like that) and no trick boomerangs apart from razor ones

round 2) bullseye vs captain boomerang (owen harkness) bullseye is allowed guns and owen is allowed any and all trick boomerangs

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@loadofmilark:Bullseye stomps both

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@dondave: you are aware owen harkness has bursts of superspeed

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@dondave: I'm not sure Bullseye could tag Owen. I can't think of any feats of Bullseye tagging anyone of comparable speed. And Owen's no slouch as far as accuracy. He can throw boomerangs at supersonic speeds and he's tagged Flash and a bloodlusted Jay Garrick clone, so I don't see Lester dodging. He has some Bullseye-level ricochet feats of his own, and he throws paperclips fast and accurately enough to tag automatic fire from a submachine gun. I'm just not convinced Lester has enough going for him to win, much less stomp.

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Round 1: Bullseye wins.

Round 2: Owen should take this.

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Bullseye both rounds

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i'd take bullseye