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To death. All standerd equipment. No morals all bloodlust. Takes place in an island. Provide reason.

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Thought fight but team 2 wins Dredd would beat punisher because of better equipment and deadshot can hold bullseye off till Dredd finishes the punisher than they can take him down.

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Team 2 pretty easily... They are the only ones who really have "standard" equipment.

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The way I hate Judge Dredd..

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deadshot takes out bullseye and dredd beats punisher.

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Dredd has some pretty serious fire power...

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Frank Castle all the way.

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I think it's pretty close but tam 2 wins due to Dredd's extra firepower. Also Deadshot has better range than Bullseye, and based on the OP's description of it taking place "on an island" I take that to mean they start at a distance.

On the other hand, honestly if they start completely apart and have to track and find each other, then Punisher especially has an edge on jungle etc. fighting/tracking. He could take out Dredd if he takes him by surprise. I'd also imagine Bullseye has a stealth edge on Deadshot. So it may depend somewhat on conditions.

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Dredd should keep them occupied at close range while Deadshot snipes them