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the two contenders don't even need any introduction, basically, they can do anything u think of, the location is the special thing here:- they fight in the complete emptiness, nothing is there literally, they just float in an empty space. it's up to them to create the things they will use. who do u think will win? the greatest cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe or the leader of the Looney Tunes?


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It will be a hard battle, but eventually Galactus gets pissed and smashes through everything. Good thing Bugs bunny always won against his encounters with villains.

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@XLR87T3: i think it will never end, whenever Glactus tires to kill Bugs (it will never happen), Bugs will counter him and try to kill him too (which will never happen) lol.
i however have a gut feeling Bugs Bunny can win this one. after 2000 years of endless fighting.
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