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The Team have 4 days of Prep Time


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Is the Spider-Man avatar the default for new comers now?

Batman solos, as he always has the right tool for the job to always pop up in his utility belt. The rest can just be there to witness the epicness and prepare more jokes.

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Buggs Bunny stomps all of them at the SAME DAMN TIME!

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Bugs Bunny takes this, unless the other team can find a funny way to defeat him that is funnier than his trolling Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee and MacGuyver.

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Bugs Bunny.

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not Exactly sure how Bugs loses. Toon force damn near trumps omnipotence.

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Bat-Force ftw

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bugs bunny , other guys dont even see it coming

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Loading Video...

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Bugs Bunny Stomps though once he gets to Batman he'll have some trouble because that Batman knows how to troll without knowing he's trolling Lol but Bugs wins.

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Read the battle forum rules, please. And this is a mismatch anyway.

Do Not Use Unbeatable Characters

Simple rule and one that should be obvious as it falls under the spite thread rules, but I'll spell it out so everyone can see it. No more using omnipotent characters. By using characters like TOAA, Bugs Bunny (just cause the fact of his toonforce being ridiculous),