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#151 Posted by Carter_esque (6447 posts) - - Show Bio

Bats wins

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Buffy vs. Batman... not this again!

Firstly you must prove that pressure points would even work on Slayers. Good luck with that! In fact those scans you showed - those are not showings against meta/super/enhanced humans, those are regular guys, nowhere near Buffy's durability. Second of all using pressure points is not his normal fighting style. Most of the time he will just punch, kick etc. Show me where were those pressure points when he was loosing against enhanced humans like Deathstroke or Azrael? Batman was beaten by enhanced humans many times before - KGB Beast, Deathstroke, Azrael... In fact I propose a challenge - show me one thing that those guys did to Batman that Buffy can't do, what was this amazing fighting technique that they used, that Buffy won't be able to replicate?:

And it seems that KGB Beast, man who thanks to his enhanced strength defeated Batman in hand to hand combat, was unable to break through metal door in a sewer:

Meanwhile average vampire, who is a lot weaker than Buffy have no problem with breaking through similar doors:

So this is not even a contest in strength department.

#153 Edited by Ferro Vida (34227 posts) - - Show Bio

@picard: 1) It is on you to prove that Buffy's biology is different than any other human's.

2) Batman's feats put him fairly close to Buffy in terms of physical stats. Normal humans can fight vampires in a physical encounter (Gunn and his crew did for a very long time). These vampires are still capable of giving Buffy a decent fight. The difference in strength between Buffy and a normal, non-Batman human is not that great.

3) Deathstroke and Azrael both wear body armor.

4) The Talons are all physically stronger and more durable than Batman, or Buffy for that matter, yet a beaten and bedraggled Bruce Wayne was able to beat one of them.

5) Don't reply to old posts unless you have something new to bring to the conversation, and do not condescend towards me.

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