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Fight takes place in the streets of moscow. 3days of prep. James bond has kidnapped Bryan's daughter Kim in an effort to get a USB that has a video of Bond killing an innocent in cold blood. Win by death.

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Bond kills him

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Bond was quite out of shape in Skyfall, but he still has superior skill compared to Brian.

Bond has this.

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@ComicStooge said:

Bond was quite out of shape in Skyfall.

So was Bryan Mills.

I haven't seen Skyfall yet, so I'm not going to say who I think wins. Just thought I'd mention that.

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at what point in skyfall? prologue, middle, or end?

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End part, where he is pretty much patched up and healed.

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then i gotta say bond.

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That looks like majority for Bond

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Ooh. I think the circumstances work better for Bryan Mills. In an average fight he should lose. But if his daughter was kidnapped, I think he'd find a way to win.

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Close fight, but i believe bond wouldwin.

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James Bond stomps. Liam Neeson wouldn't be able to keep with Daniel Craig he is way too old.

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Bryan Mills takes this. He has consistently shown that he can pull off one-shot kills which proves that he has a marksmen's accuracy. In H2H, Mills has effortlessly dispatched multiple opponents at a time while nearly every Bond fights 'one guy', it always seems to get dragged out into a slugfest against what could be considered fodder. Also, Mills seems to be a bit more resourceful with prep time while Bond thrives through improvisation Everyone who wanked Bond in this thread must've not taken any of these factors into account or they never saw the Taken movies...or maybe they weren't really paying any attention when they did see them. Bond loses.


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Bryan Mills wins this bond is frankly quite overrated

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