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Agent 47 (from the Hitman games) has been assigned to assassinate billionaire Bruce Wayne during one of his charity events. 47 is unaware that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Bruce suspects that someone is after him, but does not know what his would-be killer looks like and has 0 information on 47, outside of the fact that he's a professional killer. Bruce is holding a charity event in Wayne Manor, attended by 20 guests. 47 is allowed to enter the Manor through a fake alias. There is an informal dress code, so guests are expected to be wearing suits and ties. Guests have access to all available rooms. Drinks and food are served.


47 has his signature Twin Silverballers (silenced), 5 poison syringes, fiber-wire, a map of all accessible areas of the manor (with no knowledge of the batcave), and a small mine with a close ranged detonator. He's also wearing Kevlar armor under his classic black suit and red tie.

Bruce is wearing Kevlar under his suit and tie. He also has 3 Batarangs with him just in case. He stays in contact with Alfred who will alert him if he sees anything suspicious, through a comm-link in his watch. Also, he has stashed his bat-suit with all of the basic gear, in an easily accessible location in the manor in case things get too suspicious.


47 is calm and calculated. He doesn't expect his target to be a strong hand-to-hand fighter, but he will not underestimate him and will approach him the same way he approaches all of his targets. 47 is encouraged by his employer to kill his target without drawing much attention (Silent Assassin Ranking) but he's willing to go out guns blazing if he had to. 47 is also willing to kill innocent guests (Mass Murderer ranking).

Bruce is calm but cautious. He is playing up the facade of a clumsy, billionaire playboy. He expects his stalker to be highly skilled. Bruce does not know all the guests but will try to mingle with as many as he can. Bruce does not want to draw much attention to avoid compromising his secret identity, but is willing to do so in case things become extreme.

Does Bruce subdue 47 or does the Assassin accomplish his mission? How?

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As awesome as 47 is, I believe Wayne wins.

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He fought an assassin in the Gotham Knight, it would probably go something like that.

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