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After his fight with the Z-Fighters, Broly was transported to another universe that was being threatened by the Anti-Monitor. However, for an unknown reason, Broly has completely healed and the blue gem in his necklace has been replaced by the Power Gem. With its powers, Broly's transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 and his physical qualities have been augmented to the levels of Superboy Prime, his strength does not increase beyond this point. This is the Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor. Does Broly have what it takes to stop him?

The fight takes place in the depths of space.

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You made so many changes that this is not even Broly anymore...

AM wins
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Anti-Monitor still wins.

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Normal superman beat ssj4 goky, whats broly gonna do to AM?

Give broly IG lool

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@NeonGameWave said:

Anti-Monitor still wins.

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Broly gets 1-shotted.

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I feel the die hard Goku fans are coming... remember guys! broly destroyed a galaxy! -.-

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@soaringturkeys: Anti-Monitor survived a galaxy level attack in SCW without being KO'd lol.

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@logy5000: yes.. lol but it's always amazed me how things can be spun into the favour of DBZ characters.

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Anti Monitor

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Spite. I don't care if you make Broly a SSJ10, he isn't beating the Anti-Monitor.