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Brainiac has 1 year prep. Who wins and why.
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Any takers.

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Yeah... I will take it and I say Brainiac wins here... simply because in the past Brainiac has had many drawn out battles with Superman. Giving Brainiac a year of prep time should ensure victory for Brainiac since Gladiator and Superman are so simular in power and abilities

Brainiac Wins
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Brainiac wins. He has a year and is a bloody genius....See im a fanboy who knows his peeps limits.

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Brianaic arrives after 2 weeks, armed with the information he has gathered on Gladiator, blasts Gladiator with the wavelength of radiation that weakens him (discovered by remote viewing of his activities and secretly testing energy emissions against him), and then kills Gladiator on the dissection table.
He then uses the remaining 50 weeks of his prep time to plan for a more challenging assult - on Superman.