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No BFR, bloodlusted. God has 15 minutes prep time, Brahman is twelve billion light years away. Who is more powerful?

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get ready for the shitstorm

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Can we not focus this on comicbook discussion. May be it is just me but i never really liked the idea of pitting a god from one religion against other.

Also this certainly goes against the "omnipotent" rule comicvine rules. Both Allah and Brahman were omnipotent from what i understand of the two.

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@Killemall: ok fair enough! Just saw someone comparing Hindu Gods vs Buddha vs Norse and Greek and wondered where Hindu Gods stood in comparison to Middle Eastern + Western. Considering Buddhists and Hindus number over a billion worldwide I didn't think it was too offensive to involve Christians and Islam in that too.

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@ascenscion: That was just my take on it, it doesnt have to be what the community think. I dislike these kind of thread but call it personal preference. I have not flagged the thread or anything, just spoke my mind on it, and i am glad you did not take it the wrong way.

Besides, i am an athiest, speaking for or against gods of any religion is not something i should do, :)

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Stalemate. What are the distance and time conditions for? lol

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Uh OH!

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God made the world is 7 days... Superman Prime 1000000 could do it in 7 Seconds.

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Brahman is everything in every universe, and in Hindu myth there are a crap ton of universes. And not only is he everything, he is also *beyond* everything. To call him the king of everything would be to downplay him, he is much more than that. The sum of infinity is only a portion of Brahman. In the Trimurti of hinduism; Vishnu the maintainer and Shiva the destroyer aren't even remotely equal partners to Brahman the creator. He is both them and not them in the sense that a given cell of your body is both you and not you. I suppose a good analogy would be the human body. The world we live in is the least one, the outer skin, each layer beneath that is ten times greater than the last one, and they are all ruled by the gods. Then you get to the heart, this too is under Brahman's governance. But even that's not the whole of Brahman; no Brahman is the King who rules over that body and every other body in the entire kingdom.

It's weird, but as a religion Hinduism is probably up there in opaqueness and just plain weirdness to non-followers. It comes with being by far the oldest religion still practiced today (elements of it's practice can be traced to 3000 B.C or so, and it's oral traditions are likely far older) in a densely populated but heavily geographically divided area that has allowed for more subsects than there are people in a good sized town and tips the scales in deity count with something on the order of thirty three or so million gods. The runner up, Kemetism (Ancient Egyptian religion), comes in at a comparatively paltry two thousand.

To put this in perspective, if all the gods of every other pantheon were to be put in one place; they could fit in a fair sized soccer stadium. If all the Hindu gods were in one place; all of Tokyo city wouldn't be able to fit them.

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Lock this thread.

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Lock this thread.


You changed your avi I see.

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@Nefarious said:

Lock this thread.
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They're all the same, only called in different names.

And for GOD's sake, please don't create a thread like this.


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Omnipotent characters aren't allowed in battle forums.