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Between Sean Bean and Sean Bean, who is the winner?

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Both die.

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gotta go with big B

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Boromir. Doubt Ned in his age could fight off all those Uruks.

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By all accounts Boromir has fought against much nastier foes and was the greatest warrior of his kingdom/city. Ned was good, but has stated several times that there were many better than him and he was lucky to not have to face them. Good fight, but Boromi's got it.

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Probably Boromir. I think LOTR fighters are more skilled than the GOT universe.

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I think Ned might be able to take this. Boromir was always very boisterous...Ned is not one to brag or show off....

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Ned Stark was not that good with sword.
Jaimie or Ser Barristan would be a much better match ups. 

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@Pwok21 said:

Both die.


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Boromir. Says my username :)

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