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The fight takes place in the sky's above metropolis, both in character.

All feats accepted.

Who wins?

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Booster could take a few hits from Captain Marvel (he did from Doomsday), but then it's a massacre from there on out. Poor Booster.

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Booster should be a lot more powerful than he is considering whos tech he has on him.

He's just...well, he's Booster Gold. That should explain enough about him.

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@xeon1cs: 90% of Booster's tech is from complete unknowns. All he has of note is his force field projector which is Brainiac 5's. B5"s force field belt was never powerful enough to take blows from Superman so I fail to see how that makes that much difference here.

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My edge goes to Captain Marvel.

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Hrm...the problem is, we don't know what Booster's tech is capable of.

He can take a few shots from Marvel, but he'll ultimately lose.