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Round 1:No Preps

Booster Gold Vs Cable

Round 2:No Preps

Booster Gold(52)Vs Cable

Round 3:1day of preps

Booster Gold Vs Cabel

Round 4:1day of preps

Booster Gold(52)Vs Cable

Round 5:Moral Off

Booster Gold Vs Cable

Round 6:Moral Off

Booster Gold(52) Vs Cable

Round 7:Who's your favorite Booster Gold (Normal/52) or Cable?

Booster Gold



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Round 7 is definitely Cable for me against almost every char. So I'd guess all the other rounds go to him too. The man gets it done

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less rounds, more specific as to what equipment and versions we are using please.

As for now, Cable all rounds

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well my fav is Booster Gold.

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Too complicated... Booster Gold takes a solid majority though.

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Cable takes the Prep rounds with little difficulty.

For the rest it kind of depends on what version of Cable.

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well i agree that he would wins with preps

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Booster gold has the technological advantage granting him superior strength and resistance to injury .. if skeets could access time line he have a better sense of there world and history. Blaster power lvl im uncertain with booster gold... but cable has superior tactical mind and intellect as well as fighting skill but booster armour will compensate maby overcompensate for this granting him victory on a first encounter and maby even a secound, question has cable ever takeb on thor cause thats really the kind of strength and resistance booster gets with his armour

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Cable with many possible 1 hit KO scenarios in all rounds.