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The other day, my friend said: "I think Bobobo-bo-bo-Bobo could beat Superman." I asked: "Which version?" And he replied: "Any version."

I don't know enough about Bobobo, so I wanted to ask: where does he rank in comparison to Superman? (Name the version.)

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If I remember correctly from the Show Bo is a heavy reality Warper. The show made little to no sense though and a lot of it was fooling around.

Unless Superman can conquer extreme Reality Warping Toon Force I think he's below him.

That being said I've never read the Manga.

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@thecheesestabber: It's hard to conquer toon force, but there are versions of Superman who have beaten ton force-like characters.

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@logy5000: The thing is though they work with purpose Bobo's so off the wall reality warping its hard to fight

i.e In some fights he'll happily use his friends as shields and weapons While breaking the fourth wall and jumping to random scenes.

I can't embed any video at the moment to give an example though.

But like I said it's been awhile since I seen it

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BoboBobo annoyed me alot when i was younger but i'm happy to see other manga characters being used

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Well let me name off as many things that bo-bobo can do. He can create a board game that beats you with a bull dozer attaches an idiot to you and drives you insane, his afro is some kind of pocket dimension that allowed him to summon Yugi modo, he is the king of Hajike ( Wiggin in the show ), his bo-bobo roulette is basically a randomized torture device, one punch seems to be strong enough to make the target cough up inhuman amounts of blood in the manga, hajike seems to be some sort of reality bending magic and superman has no immunities to magic, bo-bobo can channel his rage into pure power, also i should again mention the fact that he can bend reality, he through a train into the air, was a samurai when he was i think about 5, He flew past a plane on a hang glider then was sitting in it right after don patch jumped out the window with only an umbrella, he produces micro-movies and own the theater they're played in, he controls his nose hairs like friggin whips, he blew destroyed the son using it as a weapon against his enemy WITHOUT DESTROYING THE WORLD, he was a robot piloted by a dragon, his hair can also summon an armada of planes, his boogers are his personal army, he can pull a chain and ball out of nowhere, he can use a sexy pajama party as an attack, he came back to life from death, he's extremely resilient, he can put you in hellish retro video games, he has an over abundance of techniques that he's used once but are freaking powerful (most of the time), he judges you with the planets, and then there's Bo-bobo world. With bo-bobo world he creates a world were you must go with the flow in a world with no logic. The opponents abilities are useless since bo-bobo controls this entire dimension, it doesn't take up power the longer he uses it which translates to it doesn't end until bo-bobo decides for it to end, he'll confuse you to no end leaving you open, only to people have made it through this hell, bo-bobo's companions can control it. Oh and lets not forget the possibility of Jelly Jiggler and Don Patch fighting along side them, not only are they just as resiliant as bo-bobo but they have all kinds of power with Hajike, Then they have a plethora of fusions ( though one of them needs another one named Dengaku Man ) and those fusions have even more power then any of them on there own, they also have time limits but they're very inconsistent in the show. So any version of Superman would stand no chance against Bo-bobo with or without the companions. And it would be friggin hilarious.

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Bobobo stomps with toon-force/reality warping.

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Bobobo lolstomp!

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Superman has no chance

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Toonforce trumps everything. How many times do I have to say it?

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So basically....Bobobobo is on acid.

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Superman no problem!! can beat him.

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@givemefreedom: I don't think it'll be easy. iirc bobobo is like the superman villain mr. mxyzptlk but physically stronger. Like he can break through walls and knock people out using ONLY HIS NOSEHAIRS LOL.

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Nonetheless Superman will win.

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The Blond Afro Guy beats him. Nothing can win against the power of hair.

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Bobobo via fist of the nose hair, I honestly don't remember much of show besides him having obscene toon force.

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@averageinsanity: When was breaking through walls outclassing superman? Probably not mr.Mxy level. But everything else meh.

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Wow, your friend made a pretty accurate statement. Superman Prime and SA Superman gives him a fight, but they also could lose.

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@givemefreedom: I refer you to my earlier comment, and on gathered data from other fans of the show. In bo-bobo wolrd, basically unless you think exactly like bo-bobo and become an idiot like him, don, and jelly you're powerless even if Bo-bobo doesn't command the laws of bo-bobo world to take away your powers in the first place, that basically means Superman is stripped down to being a muscular human being in spandex against a man who basically outclasses Mr. Myx with the reality warping.

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I always thought that character was stupid. Like really, Bobobobo ?

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@thundergodswrath: You should see his brothers and sister's names. Its just the same thing but with a different vowel. And different hair styles

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@mudcrab said:

What the... What did I just watch O.O

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Toon Force FTW

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Bobobo-bo-bo-Bobo all the way.

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