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Fett has been starting trouble in a near city

Dredd calls him out to confront him

They plan to have a battle in the middle of the city


  • Standard Gear w/Darksaber(Mandalorian)
  • 100 Clone Troopers(Standard Gear)
  • Each clone is equipped with one machete
  • 1 day prep


  • Standard Gear w/Darksaber and plasma rifle
  • 100 Judges(standard gear)
  • Each Judge is also equipped with a machete
  • 1 day prep

No outside help

both sides meet in the middle of the city

movie and comic feats allowed

who wins

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DREDD, the judge, and you are giving dredd other judges, you must hate fett

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Fett and Clones. Better Teamwork, and Fetts is superior to Dredd on average.

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the 100 judges with the firepower they have is just to much

troopers and fett may work well together but the few times you see judges together teamwork dosnt seem to be much of a issue team judges win this 9/10 as fett may get lucky sniping dredd early

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@crest: changed it to where both groups have standard gear

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does boba's standard gear include slave 1?

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I don't see the clone troopers doing well here, Judges pretty much have heavy artillery included in their standard weapons.

And that's not even bringing into account the heat-seekers, the Judges could fire off a huge volley of heat-seeking bullets, Hi-ex shots, and incendiary at the start of the battle and it would probably decimate the clones.

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might do better with bots not clones as they have shields and have used them in mass, but the lawgiver standerd issue to judges is quite over powered and much much more versatile then what the droids or stormtroopers pack, hell each judge will be packing almost as much heat as fett himself.

Not to mention they have more combat exp then troopers or droids and are used to fighting outnumbered, something that will negate the only real advantage fetts guys have (exp in large scale battles) tho to be fair the empire usually outnumbers there foes so a even fight will kinda suck for them